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House Hopping Day

GRS numbers came out today, and yours probably sucks. Ali Ellerbeck ‘13 encourages you to play Real Estate tomorrow afternoon:

Housing selection is coming up. Juniors interested in woodframes can scout out senior houses this Friday. The community advisors for the woodframes will be in Pi Café handing out lists of houses that have volunteered to show their houses. Seniors, if you live in a woodframe and are willing to participate, please send an email to Ali Ellerbeck ’13 at aellerbeck(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. You don’t have to clean your house. You just have to be around on Friday from 1-3 to open the doors to juniors.

Date: Tomorrow, April 5
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Place: Pi Cafe (and a bunch of Woodframes)

It’s Getting Hot in Hurr… NOT

finished_chickenIn this unseasonably chilly weather, nothing feels better than snuggling up in your bed with your Wesleyan (TM) blanket, gently baking like a beautifully seasoned chicken. But lately I’ve felt more like the chicken in the freezer at the supermarket, cold and unloved by whomever is controlling the heat.

My woodframe has had to call Physical Plant 3 days in a row because we didn’t have any heat. And each time PPlant came in, did their thing, and left. The heat came back and we rejoiced until we slowly realized that we were wearing multiple layers INSIDE.

Anyway, that’s nothing to post about in and of itself, but it seems that this is not an isolated incident. Apparently Fauver (senior at least) has been having some heating problems as well.

And if you went to Usdan tonight, you might have noticed that there were only paper plates and plastic silverware and cups. My naive self thought it had something to do with trying out new eco-friendly options in the dining areas. But then a deductively-gifted individual suggested that it was because they had no hot water to wash the normal diningware. Anybody know the story? [EDIT (11:23 pm): The commenters have spoken, check it out below.]

But the worst part is this: a little birdie told me that budget cuts are responsible for at least some of these problems. According to this source, maintenance wasn’t done when it should have been this summer and now we’re dealing with the consequences. Hmmm….. somebody has some ‘splainin to do.

In the mean time, let’s assess the situation. Commenters, help me out- are you feeling the heat?

More useful GRS information

Rising seniors just received an e-mail from ResLife detailing the number of each size group formed and the number of living units available. Rising juniors in a 2-person group with a good pick, you may be in luck. Here are the facts:

Number of rising senior groups formed:

23 one-person
17 two-person
27 three-person
50 four-person
48 five-person
3 six-person

Number of mixed groups formed:

3 two-person (so 20 total)
1 three-person (28 total)
8 four-person (58 total)
6 five-person (54 total)

This is interesting. There are 47 four-person woodframes, so it looks like there may be a number of seniors in Lo-Rise, or that Fauver apartments may go like hotcakes. Also, there are 22 two-person houses and 30 three-person houses–more than the number of senior and mixed groups with that number of people. Looks like we could see a few juniors in woodframes.

Finally, that’s a LOT of one-person groups. There are two one-person houses (ResLife had previously said there would be none available in GRS) six one-person apartments (three in 128 Pearl and three in 240 Court); after that, it’s presumably on to 156 High, which has 22 singles.

If you have a group composed entirely of rising seniors, and everyone in your group attended a Community Standards Workshop, you have been entered in the lottery for the first pick. The e-mail from ResLife says the winners will have until “noon Monday, 4/22” to inform ResLife where they’ll be living; I’m assuming that should be noon on 4/20, since GRS begins on Tuesday.

And if you’re a group of any composition looking to merge, ResLife, like last year, is putting up a list of groups looking to merge. The form for adding your group–as well as, eventually, the list–can be found here.

“The Three Most Feared Letters in the Alphabet: ‘GRS'”: A Guide to Housing


Yes, the three letters that strike fear into the hearts of Wesleyan students like none other. Despite what Wesleying’s “F the GRS” tags and upperclassmen’s horror stories would have you believe, the process isn’t as much of a nightmare as it would appear. It certainly helps, though, to know the ins and outs of each dorm/apartment/house to make sure you don’t become one of those famed horror stories. With that in mind, Wesleying proudly presents its Guide to Picking the Right Room in GRS And Not Screwing Yourself Over, featuring descriptions of each living unit, including laundry facilities, kitchen facilities, and fun facts that few people know and even fewer care about.

(Note: The number of units listed for each building are the units available in GRS, not the total number of units in the building. ResLife sometimes reserves certain units for groups with extenuating circumstances, so there will often be fewer units in GRS than there actually are. Also, the ResLife website has pictures and floor plans of every building except 240 Court.)

Panels on Fountain

I won’t get into my whole diatribe about how much it disturbs me that the powers that be decided not to install geothermal heating and cooling at the new prototypes on Fountain and Pine, but it looks like the prototypes are more energy-efficient than they appear. Introducing the first woodframe-mounted solar panels on campus, courtesy The Wesleyan Connection:

The page also notes that “Each solar panel generates 225 watts. Combined, they will create enough energy to support one of the units in the triplex.” Also, the whole house is EnergyStar certified, so perhaps Wes is more sustainability-savvy than it looks. Though if anyone from the construction department is reading this: seriously, guys, the all-white siding just isn’t doing it for me.

I think they were looking at installing solar panels on the power plant stacks and the roof of the admissions office; does anyone from EON (Alex?) know what the status if this is?

(Photo by Intisar Abioto ’09)

You’ve got to fight / For your right

Not sure whether or not this is related to the (shelved?) 25-person party policy, but a “Party Hosting Liability” link has been added to the e-Portfolio under “Student Life at Wesleyan.” It leads to a page containing four points concerning host liability:

  • “According to Connecticut state law, you may be held liable for the actions of individuals [to] whom you have served alcohol.”
  • “You should never serve alcohol to anyone under the age of 21.”
  • “You should never serve anyone who appears to be intoxicated.”
  • “You should contact Public Safety for assistance if an individual becomes intoxicated, or if you are concerned about their [sic] safety.”

The page also asks a user to click a “Submit” button at the bottom certifying that (s)he has read the four points and is aware that (s)he “face[s] potential criminal, civil & institutional sanctions” for violation.

It seems like this would be something that’s covered during the pre-GRS Community Standards Workshops (which are mandatory if your group wants to choose a woodframe); any current or past woodframe residents who paid attention, please tell!

Learn useless things about your woodframe

Seniors and others lucky enough to have a woodframe house: find some quirky details and other useless but somewhat-interesting information on your woodframe house by looking it up at the City of Middletown’s Assessor’s Database. It’s like Google for Middletown. But not really.

I found out that my house, 324 Washington, was built in 1829 as a one-family house (it is now a two-family). The 0.39 acres on which my house sits are apparently more valuable than the house itself. I also learned that 202 Wash had 11 windows replaced last March.

Apparently it’s not just residential listings, either. You can find North College (237 High) and Exley (265 Church), among other administrative buildings, too. If you’re bored, take a look.

Attn Rising Seniors

Just a quick reminder for those of us who are angling for woodframes – you need at least one member of your group to attend a Community Standards Workshop. The first two already happened, but there are three (3) more opportunities:

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

See more relevant information here.

Woodframe House Networking

The head of ITS has posted an entry in his blog giving some history on the continuing plight of iffy internet connections and lack of resnet in campus woodframes. He also included some tips for woodframe residents that may, in the meantime, somewhat alleviate the situation. The dude also wants “to hear directly from students, especially those who live in the woodframe houses,” so if you’re currently living in or are thinking of living in a woodframe, go check it out and get to communicating.