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Ask a Med Student! **Pizza will be provided!**


PSA from Diana Lin ’15:

Are you considering a career in medicine? Are you interested in pursuing a dual degree, like an MD/MPH or MD/PhD? Then we invite you to join us for Ask a Med Student! hosted by AMSA on Friday, March 27th. This is meant to be an informal event for students to engage with two medical students at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine.

Come prepared with questions, and we’ll be ready with pizza! Invite all your pre-med friends!

Date: Friday, March 27th
Time: 6:00-7:30 PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge (Exley Science Center 184)

KSA Late Night


PSA from Deborah Ko ’15:

Got the munchies while studying for your exam but don’t wanna go over
to Weshop? FEAR NOT. Head over to Woodhead Lounge @ 10pm and feast on
delicious Korean food!


Date: Sunday, October 5th
Time: 10 PM-12 AM
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: Starting at $1!

Crêpe Late Night

unnamed-10From The European Society:

Come to the European Society’s first ever LATE NIGHT!

This semester is coming to an end and we could all need some extra lovin’. Instead of crying over a jar of Nutella solo, enjoy it smothered on a freshly made crêpe from 9 pm to Midnight, Sunday May 4th in the Exley Woodhead Lounge.


Sugar Crêpe: $3 (add some lemon for free!!)
Nutella Crêpe: $4
Nutella and Banana Crêpe: $5
Cup of milk: $1
Cup of coffee: $2


Time: 9 p.m.
Place: Exley Woodhead Lounge
Cost: $3-$5

Treat Yo Self and De-stress Yo’self (Part 3)

Alex Pogosky ’13 just, uh, combined grilled cheese, chai, professional massage, and support for a Wesleyan-sponsored school in rural India into one even submission:

Come get a grilled cheese, chai, lassi, and a massage on Sunday from 9-11 in Woodhead Lounge!

Licensed massage therapist all the way from Indonesia will be to calm all your pre-final anxiety.

Grilled Cheese – $2
Lassi – $2
Chai – $1
5 minute massage from licensed therapist – $4
5 minute massage from one of us non licensed folk – $3

COMBO: grilled cheese, chai, massage – $5. All proceeds go to a Wesleyan sponsored school in rural India!

Date: Tonight, May 5
Time: 9:00 p.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: See above

Taiwanese Late Night

Alton Wang ’16 cooks for you:

Come support Taiwanese Culture Society! We will be selling delicious home-cooked Taiwanese food at Woodhead Lounge on Sunday, April 12th. Come for a second dinner / late night snack with your friends!

On the menu:
– Taiwanese Stew Pork (???)
– *Vegetarian* MaPo Tofu (tofu cooked in chili- and bean-based spicy
– Tea eggs

Available as a set or à la carte. Prices to be posted a day before the event – Bring cash!

Date: Tonight, April 14
Time: 10:00 p.m. – 12:00 a.m.
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: Varies by item

Thai Late Night

Thai Iced Tea PosterFrom Lin Arttachariya ’14:

Wanna try delicious home-made Thai cuisine? It’s happening in Woodhead Lounge this Sunday March 3! Take a study break, grab some CASH, walk to Exley and think about what you want to eat:

– Five-spice Soup with Egg and Ground Pork
– Garlic-pepper Chicken
– Glass-Noodle with Pork and Shrimp, Sweet and Sour Mix (Regular or Veg)
– Thai-style Spring Roll (Regular or Veg)

Dessert: Sweet Pandan Layer Cake
Drink: Thai Iced Tea
Hope to see you there!


Shayoni Nair ’13 writes in with the best damn news I’ve heard this week:

This is a stressful, stressful time. But you know what will make you
feel better? INDIAN FOOD! Available to you at a time when you truly
crave it and at much closer proximity than Tandoor!

Come to Woodhead Lounge Sunday night to TREAT YOSELF!


Rice & Masoor Dal $3
Bhel (Tangy Indian Snack) $2
Mango Lassi $1
Chai $1

Full Plate Option $5
— Rice, dal, bhel, and drink of your choice!

All Proceeds will go to IIMPACT INDIA, an organization devoted to
providing educational opportunity to girls from socially and
economically disadvantaged communities of India.

Date: Sunday, November 18th
Time: 10:00 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Woodhead Lounge

Wesleyan Women in Science Mixer

Alex Irace ’15 invites you to spend some time with The_Real_Bill_Nye:

“There will be free food AND Bill Nye! Not to mention tons of cool people to talk to about being a woman interested in the sciences at Wesleyan. (All genders are welcome to attend!)”

Date: Wednesday, November 14
Time: 7 pm – 8:30 pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge
Cost: Free

Virtual Jonathan Safran Foer

From Becca “grow-your-own” Wilton ’15:

Do you read Jonathan Safran Foer? Are you a vegetarian? Do you still think that most of the meat sold in America comes from little farms owned by grandma and grandpa?

If you answered any of the questions above, you should come to Woodhead Lounge at 12:45 on October 3rd. Jonathan Safran Foer is making a virtual visit to Wesleyan to talk about his book Eating Animals and to lead a discussion about factory farming practices in America. Bring your lunch, it’ll be pretty freakin sweet.

Date: Wednesday, October 3
Time: 12:45-1:20 pm
Place: Woodhead Lounge

Vietnamese Sandwich Night

Come one come all to the Woodhead Lounge for Vietnamese sandwich night sponsored by French Hall, Full House, and International House. Delicious homemade sandwiches for only $3!

Date: Tonight, Apr. 13
Time: 9:00PM -11:00PM
Place: Woodhead Lounge, Exley Science Center
Cost: $3 for a sandwich

Come one come all to the Woodhead Lounge for Vietnamese sandwich night
sponsored by French Hall, Full House, and International House.
Delicious homemade sandwiches for only $3!