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WesBooks That Will Never Be Written


Happy Thanksgiving, readers! A gift from us (and some of you!):

A year or something ago, I stumbled upon a thread on a certain will-not-be-named-Wesleyan-alum-created-website-that-I-refuse-to-endorse. But FUCK THE ACB or not, the results were something special. Here are the examples that started it all:

Posture is Everything: Maintaining a Healthy Gait by Michael Roth
Repressing Overzealous Political Correctness by a Sociology major

Avoiding a Midlife Crisis for Dummies by Scott Backer

A certain class year very clearly won this one, folks. Read on for the results. I highlighted some of my favorites but by all means screw what I think! Oh, and sorry (maybe) for the incongruent Thanksgiving ecards. I may or may not have started drinking at noon. Enough of me, let’s get to it after the jump.


Audition for the Mixolydians


From the musically gifted Ben Zucker ’15:

The Mixolydians are Wesleyan’s student-run chamber choir. We are holding auditions for all voice parts this week, in Room 113 of 41 Wyllys (conveniently located next to Usdan), from 7-9 PM on Wednesday, September 4, and 6-8 PM on Thursday, September 5. Auditions are painless and fun, bring yourself and a song, and go for baroque!

Date: Wednesday, September 4 and Thursday, September 5
Time: 7-9pm on Wednesday and 6-8pm on Thursday
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 113

Blood Drive


From Jackie Freed ’15:

What: Blood Drive
When: Tuesday 2/5 and Wednesday 2/6 from 12pm – 5pm
Why: Because you made a New Year’s Resolution to do more good and have been too busy to actually do it! Now is your chance!

If you have not yet signed up for the drive, go online or stop by Usdan tonight during dinner or during brunch this weekend to make an appointment. Again, we really appreciate your generosity and hope to see you next week!

This drive is sponsored by the Wes Sigmas, the Inter-Greek Council*, the Center for Community Partnerships, and the WSA.

To sign up online: