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Submit to the Sloth!



From the wacky and silly Rachel Day ’16:

Across time and culture, storytelling and oral tradition are an indelible element of humankind. Connect with your primordial self and tell a story at The Sloth’s first event of the year!

The Sloth (based loosely off the group that wouldn’t let us use their name) provides a time and place where individuals can come together to share true stories from their life. We laugh, we cry, it’s all very cathartic.

Guns and Gun Violence: Crisis, Policy and Politics

Professor Jennifer Tucker cordially invites you to check out this nifty, poignantly piquant panel happening Wednesday night:

On Wednesday evening, Feb. 6 at 7:30 PM, the Allbritton Center of Study of Public Life will host a panel and public discussion, “Guns and Gun Violence: Crisis, Policy and Politics” in the CFA Hall on the Wesleyan campus.   We hope that our Center, here in central CT, could be used to put a spotlight on the rich scholarship on guns and gun violence and the need for public debate informed by research from different domains, including the social sciences, public policy and public health.

The panel will be chaired by Leah Wright, Assistant Professor of History and African American Studies at Wesleyan.  Following the presentations, the audience discussion will be moderated by John Dankosky, WNPR News Director and host of “Where We Live.”

The three panelists for this event include:

Your Fellow Students Love the Outdoors

imgp1048Last weekend, appromixately thirty-five freshman left Wesleyan and ventured into the woods with a Wesleyan Outdoor Orientation Trip.   Trips ranged across Connecticut, Mass., Vermont and New Hampshire and included canoeing, hiking and backpacking.


Unlike many of our – oh, how I love this phrase – “peer” institutions, Wesleyan does not have a long-established outdoor orientation program.  Yet WOOT, now in its second year, proved once again to be a smashing success, introducing freshman to the outdoors around Wesleyan and, of course, to each other.

Congratulations to Jared Schroder ’11 and Rosemary Pierson ’11 for organizing such a successful program.  Also to the leaders and participants on this year’s WOOTs.