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“Do You Have Time For Spring Fling?”: Basic Algebra and Time Management

Alexander Hoyle ’13 sent in this HTML guide to time management this week, especially pertinent with Spring Fling on Thursday. Alexander Hoyle ’13 apparently approaches things pretty methodically. If you do too, enjoy the data:

So, crunch time is upon us, as you are all well
aware. As such, you might be wondering just how to budget your time and what
grades you can stand to get in each of your classes. Well, there is a
relatively simple way to do so. First off, you need to break out the syllabi
for your respective courses. For each course, you’ll want to list of the grades
obtained so far, in addition to the grade breakdown from each syllabus. Then,
translate every letter grade into a numerical percentage (i.e, A = 95, B+ = 87,

Let’s use our pal Giant Joint here as an example.
GJ is taking English, Math, History, and Bio. Let us look at his English
breakdown below: