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Apply to the WesThrive workshop series

From WesThrive:

WesThrive is a five part workshop series centered around resilience. The workshops will be focused on:

  • Defining and uncovering the characteristics of resilience you already have within you
  • Learning mindfulness techniques that are practical, portable, and sustainable
  • Discovering aspects of positive psychology and how it can improve your overall well-being
  • Sharing strategies for building healthy bodies & healthy minds

Monday nights October 29th through November 11th
6:00 – 7:30 pm

APPLY HERE ASAP: https://goo.gl/forms/PHhfA21R3MAqCVGh1

Date: Mondays, October 29-November 12
Time: 6:00-7:30 PM

Mondo Table Talk

From Zenzele Price ’18:

We’re halfway through the semester– do you have a short story you can’t quite finish? A screenplay you’d like to hear out loud? You’re in luck- it’s time for the second Table Talk with Amy Bloom! Bring all your plans (drafts, outlines, concepts, you name it!) for all things prose, and get ready to workshop with Amy Bloom and the Wesleyan writing community.

Free pizza (from MONDO!) great people, and valuable critique!
Don’t miss this chance to praise, pity, and parse your writing (or anyone else’s.)

Come to chat, come to snack, come to share!

Date: Thursday, November 2 (today!)
Time: 5-6pm
Place: 116 Mount Vernon (Shapiro Center)

Songwriting Workshop with Jess Best

jess-best-workshopExciting opportunity for all you aspiring musicians:

Join Wes Alum Jess Best at Alpha Delt for a Songwriting Workshop this Saturday 4pm-6pm. She will be there with her seven-piece band talking about the songwriting process and sharing the evolution of the songs off her recent EP Kid Again. Be sure to come with any songs you’re working on because there will be time built in to share your work with the group and then workshop your songs with her full band!

Date: Saturday, October 29
Time: 4:00-6:00 PM
Place: Alpha Delt

Second Stage Presents: A Weekend of Workshops!


Maya Herbsman ’17 writes in:

Ever wanted to learn more about ANY ASPECT OF THEATER? Want to meet some fun theater people? Want to find out how to get involved in student theater at Wes? COME CHECK OUT SECOND STAGE’S WEEKEND OF WORKSHOPS!

Here is the schedule:

2PM – ANYSTAGE INTEREST MEETING: Interested in student written work? Are you a playwright or a director looking for a project or just curious about what AnyStage is? Come learn with Maya Herbsman, May Treuhaft-Ali ’17, and Danielle Lobo ’19.
4PM – AUDIO WORKSHOP: Come learn the basics of audio with Anthony Sertel Dean ’17!

2PM – LIGHTING/ELECTRICS WORKSHOP: Maia Golden ’17 and Phillip Heilbron ’18 will be teaching the building blocks of electrics and lighting on campus. If you want to get involved with lighting on campus, definitely plan to come to this!
3PM – GENIE TRAINING: Also important for lighting!! You get to go in the air it’s exciting
4PM – SHOP TRAINING: Interested in carpentry/set making/building? Come get trained on how to use power tools and other fun things by Nola Werlinich ’17. (*Closed toed shoes required for this workshop.*)

A NOTE: Being a carpenter and/or electrician are excellent ways to get involved in theater, so come check us out!

More workshops to come in a few weeks, if there’s something you’d like to learn that isn’t listed here, or if you have any questions, feel free to email Maya Herbsman at mherbsman[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

Date: Saturday and Sunday, September 17-18
Time: Please see the above description
Location: The ’92 Theater

Facebook event here

Structure Lab

JoySepiaWeb-1216391666-1172What are the essential differences between for-profit and non-profit organizations? If you want to start a business or create social change (or both!), what do you need to know about the various legal structures, corporate forms, and relationships that will come into play?

Joy Anderson ’89 — president of Criterion Institute and instructor of Wesleyan’s “Money and Social Change” course — will answer these questions and more in her patented program Structure Lab, a hands-on, learning-intensive session on the enterprise of social change.

Read more about Joy Anderson and Structure Lab here. Registration is required, and space is limited.

Date: Tuesday, March 3, 2015
Time: 6:00 – 9:00 PM
Place: Allbritton 311
Register here

Writing Through Trauma Info Session

10917229_10205619882837692_1953964414100889430_oFounder of the Wesleyan School of Poetics Amy Mattox ’17 writes in with a v intriguing ::Student Forum:: for you all in the spring. Check it out:

Writing Through Trauma is a resurrected student forum taught by Ella Weisser ’17 and Amy Mattox ’17! Come to the info session (1/24 at 3:00 PM) for all the juicy details, a well-formatted application, and a very helpful Q&A!!

This 1 credit class is primarily a creative writing workshop. Trauma often enacts a loss of agency, so in this forum we will attempt to reclaim voice, reimagine healing, and rework conceptions of written narrative. We will read & discuss accounts of trauma as we develop our own personal writing. We may draw on experiences that are collective, personal, inherited, witnessed, etc. We will read nonfiction, fiction, theory, poetry and genre-resistant writing. Students will be expected to write four pieces for class workshop alongside a series of smaller assignments and responses. This is not a nonfiction-only workshop–students may write in any genre!

Date: 1/24
Time: 3 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 112
Facebook: Here


Speaking the Language: What You Need to Know About Finance and Accounting

Whether you start your own organization after college or join someone else’s, at some point you’re going to have to know stuff about money. The Patricelli Center for Social Entrepreneurship wants you to come talk finance with Carl Byers ’93:

Entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs, and changemakers of all kinds must learn to speak the language of finance in order to clearly communicate their vision and plans. This session will explain essential ideas related to for-profits, non-profits, finance, and accounting, so you can articulate ideas in a format — with precise terminology — that will be compelling to colleagues, funders, and other stakeholders. In addition to terminology, this session will cover the process of developing financial plans and documents that make your vision credible to those who have the resources needed to enable your work.

Carl Byers ’93 is an Adjunct Lecturer in Public Policy at the Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University and a Venture Partner at Fidelity Biosciences.

Time: 6 – 8 PM
Place: Allbritton 311
Cost: Free! Register Here.

Table Talk with Amy Bloom

Screenshot 2014-09-21 14.01.54From the Shapiro Creative Writing Center:

Join Wesleyan Writer-in-Residence Amy Bloom for a discussion of all things prose. Bring papers, creative writing, and all reading/writing issues to discuss with Professor Bloom and your peers. Come to the Shapiro Center for snacks, prizes, and a chance to praise, pity, and parse your own writing, or anyone else’s!

Date: Thursday, September 25
Time: 5-7 PM
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center, 167 High Street

Modular Synthesizer Workshop

From Jason Brogan MA ’15:

As part of its Techné Series curated by Jason Brogan and Daniel Fishkin, the Experimental Music Group presents a modular synthesizer workshop led by Daren Ho and Jack Callahan of Control Synthesizers and Electronic Devices (South Williamsburg, Brooklyn).
Continuing its current theme of mixing, the workshop will focus especially on mixing non-audio sources as a way to achieve complex modulations.
Beginners, experts, musicians, non-musicians, and all others are invited!

Date: Monday, May 12 – today!
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: Rehearsal Hall (in the CFA), Room 105

Experimental Music Group presents: Adam Rudolph’s Moving Pictures


From the one and only Ben Zucker ’15:

Adam Rudolph, a renowned worldly percussionist, leads his band Moving Pictures in his unique system of conducted improvisation. Come to Crowell Hall at 8PM this Thursday, April 10, for this free public concert!

Experimental Music Group (EMG) Members – a mix of Wesleyan undergraduates and grad students – will join the ensemble for the second set.

There will also be a workshop in Rehearsal Hall 001 from 4 to 6 PM, during which Adam Rudolph will teach his techniques.

More info on the Facebook event page.

DATE: Thursday, April 10
TIME: 4-6 PM workshop; 8-9:30 PM concert
PLACE: workshop in Rehearsal Hall 001 (in the music studios); concert at Crowell Concert Hall