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Table Talk with Amy Bloom

Screenshot 2014-09-21 14.01.54From the Shapiro Creative Writing Center:

Join Wesleyan Writer-in-Residence Amy Bloom for a discussion of all things prose. Bring papers, creative writing, and all reading/writing issues to discuss with Professor Bloom and your peers. Come to the Shapiro Center for snacks, prizes, and a chance to praise, pity, and parse your own writing, or anyone else’s!

Date: Thursday, September 25
Time: 5-7 PM
Place: Shapiro Creative Writing Center, 167 High Street

Shapiro Creative Writing Center Open House

Capote At Home

It’s really that time of year again! A time of joy, of orientation, of new students, and, of course, of Wesleying events posts. Amy Bloom ’76 and Izzy Rode ’14 at the Shapiro Writing Center write in with a great opportunity (also, snacks):

Interested in creative writing at Wesleyan? Wondering what writing opportunities are offered at Wes? Looking to find the best study space on campus?

Drop by the Shapiro Creative Writing Center this Friday to meet Amy Bloom, Wesleyan writer-in-residence, and Shapiro Center Fellow, Izzy Rode, and share some snacks and chats!

Date: Friday, August 30th, 2013
Time: Noon–2pm
Place: Shapiro Center for Creative Writing, 167 High (located on the corner of Church St. and High St.)
Cost: Free!

Table Talk with Amy Bloom

From Izzy Rode ’14 comes an exciting opportunity:

Every Thursday beginning January 31st, Amy Bloom, Welseyan’s Kim Frank Writer-in-Residence, will be hosting Table Talk:

All things prose. Anything you want to discuss? Translations, problems with papers, letters you can’t bring yourself to write, expressions that puzzle you, books that you can’t finish (as a reader or a writer), anything to do with the word, the sentence or the paragraph.

Please come and discuss.  (Over a cup of coffee or glass of wine)

Time: Every Thursday from 5-6 pm
Place: Shapiro Center for Creative Writing, 167 High St.
Cost: nothing

Job Opportunity For Sophomores/Juniors With Amy Bloom ’75

Are you a smart, reliable, punctual person who does not mind doing some menial tasks (copying, sending e-mails, picking up a few pizzas)  as well as some interesting ones and needs income?

Amy Bloom ’75, University Writer-in-Residence and recent children’s book author, needs a hand with emails, tasks around the office (169 High Street, The Shapiro Center for Creative Writing), and planning some student-oriented events (the more fun part). The job will be about ten hours a week in the fall and up to 15 in the spring.

The job will be posted on the financial aid/job site, and you do not need to be work-study.

Please get in touch with Amy at amy(at)amybloom(dot)com after the job is posted (or before, if you’re very keen).