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WSA Elekshunz!1!@!!!!

It’s that time…again. Here are the candidates who have respectfully submitted their request for your votes:

Zachary Malter ’13
Corey Guilmette ’13
Lucas San Juan ’13
Evan Weber ’13

This year’s freshmen love the WSA.  In all seriousness, they are the only ones who submitted statements.  You can vote for your candidates at www.wsa.wesleyan.edu/voting through tomorrow.  Click after the jump for candidate statements.

Feel Free to Vote for Your Bud(s): A Friendly Reminder

Does this logo seem a little hazy to anyone else?

As you know if you’ve been on Wesleying in the last half hour, the polls are now open to vote in the WSA elections for next semester. I, for one, highly recommend that everyone roll on over and select (or even write in) their favorite candidates. It’s your chance to help spark up a movement led by some of these potential representatives.

(Made up your mind, but have a vote or two to spare? Everyone needs a good running mate…)

Polls Now Open for Class Rep Elections

Polls are now open for the WSA’s class representative elections for the classes of ’11, ’12, and ’13.

Also up is a survey covering a broad range of issues, from academic certificates to fire safety policy. Fill it out so the WSA can know how the student body really feels about these important issues. Your responses will help inform the WSA’s initiatives next year.

I know many of us are electioned out, but I encourage you to still participate. Support your classmates, and let us know what you think about some of the most important issues on campus.

Voting is happening at http://wsa.wesleyan.edu/voting/ through Friday, April 30 at midnight.

The Results Are In

Congratulations to all of the winners!

WSA President
Micah Feiring ’11: 934
Bradley Spahn ’11: 235
Lowell Wood ’12: 170

WSA Vice President
Ben Firke ’12: 1019
David Markowitz ’12: 318

Senior Class Officers:

Senior Class President
Samantha Pop ’11: 163
Miles Bukiet ’11: 124

Senior Class Vice President
Adrian (AJ) Chan ’11: 203

Senior Class Secretary
Allie Southam ’11: 204

Senior Class Treasurer
Tamar Charles ’11: 150
Isabelle Jacobs ’11: 107

Back From High-atus: Giant Joint for WSA

Roll Out The Old, Roll Up The Joint, Write In The Name

Write-in “Giant Joint” in this year’s WSA Presidential elections. Your vote counts!

Despite an overwhelmingly successful campaign last December, Giant Joint was denied hir rightfully elected seat on the WSA. However, the political influence of Giant Joint has proliferated at Wesleyan throughout the semester, culminating in public demonstrations and peaceful protests this Tuesday, April 20. Thanks to overwhelming student support, personal allocations of the Green Fund, and many nimble fingers and minds, Giant Joint is proud to announce that ze has officially completed the enrollment process.

That’s right. Deep down, Giant Joint really is a regular student just like you.

No other candidate fits so well with every party… every weekend, every time.
However, ze is no keg-hound. From the earth and down-to-earth, Giant Joint is always there for deep and meaningful conversations. Not to mention, your music will sound better and your food will taste better.
Keeping a sticky finger on the pulse of America, ze even engages with the sprawling landscape of political discourse on Twitter.

Fellow Wesleyan students, it is now up to you to become a part of hirstory. Remember, you don’t have to light up to lighten up. Polls close at midnight tomorrow; don’t space out on this one. It’s Time For Change: Vote Giant Joint!

WSA Presidental Debate: Spahn vs. Feiring vs. Wood

Face-off between the WSA presidential candidates last night.


After three years of civic disengagement at Wesleyan, I stopped by the debate last night in Usdan, which was surprisingly well-attended.

True to current WSA President Mike Pernick‘s word, the endeavor was generally entertaining. The three candidates debated heatedly for awhile about various hot-button campus issues, including Spahn’s proposal to pay student group leaders on financial aid, Feiring’s plan to open another campus cafe, and global warming. But the real attraction was the steady stream of insults, ad hominem attacks (and sometimes pieces of paper) that the candidates directed at each other, the SBC, and SJB Chair Scott Backer.

Both Micah Feiring ’11 and Bradley Spahn ’11 came off as very committed to the job, though very different in style and attitude. Both are clearly very serious about winning, especially at the other’s expense.

Meanwhile purported Psi-U-pledge-task-recipient Lowell Wood ’12 was hilariously irreverent, charming the pants off of everybody with a sort of male-Sarah-Palin shtick. Objectively there was no clear winner or loser, unless you already really like one of them in particular. More substantive review from the Argus at some point, probably.

[nggallery id=11]

Meanwhile, Giant Joint is back from “highatus”. Dark horse, again?

Vote for your favorite hir here.

Wesleying’s take on WSA Elections

Typically, our policy regarding WSA elections is to accept all campaign statements that we’re sent and publish them all in one giant WSA campaign post during election week.

We haven’t been regulating that policy much this time around, and earlier today an open letter from a student was published by a Wesleying contributor on behalf of one of the WSA election candidates. It was way more negative in tone than what we’ve had on this site in the past, and we decided as a group that it was a misuse of this space to keep it up.

We’re all about keeping Wesleying an open, inclusive forum, but there’s a limit to what’s acceptable. If you or someone speaking for you want to call your opponent “loud and obnoxious” or “terrible”, and actually say “DO NOT VOTE FOR THAT OTHER GUY”, you can get it published as a Wespeak, post it on the ACB, or tell anyone who will listen, but we will not be down with that. Also it’s probably more embarrassing for you than it is for us.

All WSA candidates, feel free to email us a blurb, the position you’re running for, and whatever clever posters/videos/graphics you’ve managed to get made. Keep it civil, and it’ll be posted in the same way all the others are.


Bradley Spahn proposes Student Leadership Stipend

Bradley Spahn ’11, candidate for WSA President writes in about the Student Leadership Stipend he’s proposing:

As you may know, I’m running for WSA President because I want to protect everyone’s opportunity to participate in Wesleyan student life.  In my work as President of Students for Barack Obama and the WesDems, I came to appreciate how much time it takes to be a student group president.  I realized then the WSA could make being a student group leader a little easier for students on work-study.

That’s why I’m proposing a Student Leadership Stipend, so that student finances don’t force someone to choose between being a student and being a student leader.  The stipend would use some of the surplus from the WSA budget to provide 30 student leaders, chosen by a panel of students, with a stipend equivalent to a 10-hour per week work-study job.  The stipend would only be available to financial aid students that have already established themselves as a leader of a student group.

Wesleyan is the vibrant place it is because of our strong commitments to one another.  As students, we give up large chunks of time every week to serve our community through student groups.  Unfortunately, because of the demands of their work-study jobs, many students are unable to fully participate in student life, forced instead to take work-study job.

No student should be forced to choose between having enough money for books and taking a more active role in student life, but that’s precisely what is happening to many of our student leaders on financial aid.

The stipend won’t resolve all the challenges that financial aid students face, but it will make things fairer, helping remove one burden for these students and make Wesleyan’s student life even more vital and diverse.

Elections for WSA President and VP, as well as for senior class officers, are now open. This Wesleying post will eventually have the link for elections…