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Spotted: Deer Head on a Stop Sign

Just another casual night at Wesleyan.

I really have no idea what is happening, but it appears that a deer head was found at the bottom of the stop sign between Exley and Clark. Between last month’s sheep carcasses and all the squirrel violence, Middletown seems to be overrun with bizarre animal happenings as of late. A quick interview with a witness appears above.

Miranda Haymon ’16 explains the scene: “I saw four police cars outside of Clark and I thought, hmm, who’s going to the hospital on a Wednesday night? RATCHET! But then, I realized that they were taking an empty bag out of one of the police car trunks and then SHIT GOT REAL!”

A picture of the deer head appears past the jump. (It’s somewhat graphic, though there’s no blood or anything.)