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WTF is WTF!?

If you enjoy bitching about Wesleyan’s sad internet speed via Wesleyan’s sad internet speed in your free time, this one goes out to you: an anonymous student ’12 has sent us a cryptic note regarding the launching today of the Wesleyan Technology Front (WTF), which received WSA approval this week and defines its mission as “saving Wesleyan and the world from crappy Internet, censorship, and other scourges of the modern world.”

Are you reading this?  Not just Wesleyan. The world, man.

More about WTF:

Don’t Mess With Texas

Students at a Texas college threw a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party that featured attendees wearing gang apparel and Afro wigs, carrying malt liquor, handguns, and fried chicken, and even one woman dressed as Aunt Jemima. Photos of the January 15 event were discovered on a Facebook.com page by a Tarleton State University sophomore who heads the school’s NAACP chapter. (read more…link courtesy of Holly)

…and we thought Luaus were ridiculous! Moral of the story: Don’t be a racist asshole. Other moral of the story: Don’t post visual evidence of your racism ON FACEBOOK.


Out: Criticizing someone anonymously on the Anonymous Confession Board.

In: Criticizing someone anonymously for criticizing someone anonymously on the Anonymous Confession Board.