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Method’s Concert Documentary Series: Xiu Xiu

Following up on last month’s excellent video coverage of Bear in Heaven’s 10/2 performance at Eclectic, Method Magazine presents the second installment of their new concert documentary series, this one covering Xiu Xiu’s 10/13 show, also at Eclectic. Video directed, shot, and cut by Matt Schaff ’11; interview conducted by Alice Lee ’14. Here’s the vid:

Xiu Xiu – Live @ Wesleyan from Method Magazine on Vimeo.

Xiu Xiu Rox Exlectix

San Jose-based synth/noise outfit Xiu Xiu (normally a trio, tonight a duo) performed a free show at Eclectic House tonight, to a largely mixed reception. Many (and the house was nearly full, on a Wednesday night during midterms/paper week, no less) were genuinely enthralled by the group’s singular blend of electro beats, noise guitar, and hyper-emotive vocals. Others—perhaps distracted by academic concerns, or seduced by the “free show” tag with little interest in the music, or disengaged by the lack of a visible stage and active band/crowd interaction—expressed boredom by talking loudly during the quiet bits. Thanks for coming.

Regardless, Xiu Xiu got the last laugh: the band closed the show with a 15-minute guitar/synth/cymbal drone piece that cycled well past the P-Safe-dictated midnight end time. Stay tuned for another Method Mag video roundup (show footage coupled with backstage interview), and click past the jump for some more photos.