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All Eyes on M-Town

Yesterday, the NY Times had a piece about the flurry of unusual and tragic events in our very own Middletown, CT. The Times offers the tragic Broad Street shooting last May, the September arrest of Raymond Clark III for the murder of a Yale student, and the recent power plant explosion as examples of Middletown being unexpectedly thrust into the national spotlight.

Is this a legitimate news item? Eh. Maybe. Picture our hero, the New York Times, drowning in a sea of new media, sputtering and gasping for air, flailing out in search of any lifeline it can find, when lo!–a tiny trickle of shocking events from one sleepy town in Connecticut! Voila, a biting story. How enlightening.

Strangely (or perhaps predictably), the Times decided to use Wesleyan’s weirdness as the article’s hook. They suggest that Middletown typically only makes headlines when Wesleyan does something silly–until recently. This should sound familiar. The “Wesleyan being crazy” trope has appeared again and again in coverage of our school. As Xue pointed out back when I was a frosh, apparently any article about kooky ol’ Wes must include mention of (a) marijuana, (b) the “naked dorm,” and (c) the famed pornography class. Now, the Times uses the same tired frame, this time nixing clothing-optional living and substituting chalking for pot. To quote Holly: “Le sigh.”

New York Times: Connecticut Town Chafes at Return to the Spotlight

Middletown resident arrested in Yale killing

custom_1253194577228_rayclark_01Oh boy. So it turns out that lab technician Raymond Clark III, who was detained for questioning at his Middletown apartment earlier this week, has been arrested and charged as the killer of Yale grad student Annie Le.

Police had been staking out the Super 8 motel in Cromwell where he was staying, and took him into custody at 8:30 this morning. His DNA matched some evidence found at the scene of the crime, and his bail is set for $3 million.

More details at NYTimesGawker and Huffington Post.

Middletown resident released from custody

After complying with police requests while in custody last night, Middletown resident Raymond Clark III has been released and is free to go.

Which means that despite being a “person of interest” in the investigation of Yale student Annie Le‘s killing due to his job as a lab technician in her building, he is very probably not the killer [UPDATE].

So unless this story takes other Middletown or Wesleyan-related turns, I guess we can drop our coverage of it. Good luck to the investigators, hope they resolve it soon. [UPDATE, too soon.]

Hartford Courant: Raymond Clark III Complied with Requests in Annie Le Case, Released

Middletown resident taken into custody in Yale murder case

Yale lab technician Raymond Clark was arrested taken into custody in his Middletown apartment an hour ago, after being revealed as a “person of interest” in the investigation of grad student Annie Le‘s murder.

Cops had been staking out his place, the Wharfside Commons apartment complex off Main Street, for the past two days, and got a warrant today.

The New Haven police chief said that Clark hasn’t been formally charged and will be released if he cooperates.

Video of him being arrested taken away from Fox 61:

More details after the jump:

Yale killing “person of interest” lives in Middletown

Um, there’s absolutely no reason to panic about this, but the homicide investigation of Yale grad student Annie Le seems to have taken an actual Wes-related turn.

Missing Yale Student

The Associated Press reports that New Haven police have identified a “person of interest” in the case, a Yale animal research technician who lives in the Wharfside Commons apartment complex in Middletown, right off Main Street between Green and Washington Streets:

An official parked outside the complex, about 20 miles away near Hartford, wouldn’t confirm whether police were there to investigate the Le killing, but public records show the technician lives in a first-floor apartment. A man answering the door Tuesday said the technician wasn’t at home and closed the door.

Wesleyan and Yale, connected by recent tragedy

It seems only natural, now that the missing Yale student case is a confirmed homicide, that reporters would come to Wesleyan looking for a story about how sad this makes us in light of what happened last semester. And they did, earlier today.

Here’s the result, from Eyewitness News Channel 3:

Students at Wesleyan University are now linked to Yale University students, connected by the slayings of well-liked students. […] Students at Wesleyan University in Middletown said that what is happening on Yale’s campus is bringing back painful memories of a student’s killing back in May.

Anjana Ramal said, “It makes me a little more nervous.”

[…] As investigators sift through the mounting evidence in [Annie Le]’s killing, students at Wesleyan are forced to deal with painful memories of Jinich’s death and once again question the safety on Connecticut’s university campus’.Taylor Harvison, a student at Wesleyan said, “You can’t escape any negativity or violence no matter where you go.”

Yes. Yes, that’s true. A video report of WSFB‘s trip to Wes here.

Area Coordinator Brian Nangle sent out an email about the reporters’ presence soon after they arrived:

Yale grad student missing; body found

Annie Le, missing Yale studentIf you’ve been following the news over the past few days, you’ve heard about Annie Le, the Yale grad student who went missing last Wednesday only days before her wedding date.

It seems that the search might be over – a woman’s body was found earlier today hidden in the Yale Medical School research building she worked at, where she was last seen.

That this happened in nearby New Haven captured our attention, but it makes the case especially jarring that, despite the current lack of details, it seems like the presumed crime was probably premeditated.  With the death of Johanna Justin-Jinich still fresh in our minds, it’s not a good feeling.

If you’ve got friends at Yale, now might be a good time to reach out and offer support – if you were on campus last semester, you have some idea of what it feels when something like this happens at your school.

More details, including comments from Yale faculty, at IvyGate.

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