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Wes Students Support Yale Grad Student Union in “The Fast Against Slow”

UNITE HERE 217 and Wesleyan Students at Yale for the start of the occupation/strike

Wesleyan students from United Student/Labor Action Coalition and Wesleyan Democratic Socialists joined Yale graduate school employees from UNITE HERE Local 33 on Tuesday evening to kick off a hunger strike meant to pressure Yale administration into entering contract negotiations with the newly-formed union. Eight graduate school employees from Local 33 have committed to an indefinite hunger strike being called “The Fast Against Slow.”

Read more about the strike after the jump:

Roth Sends an All-Campus Email Addressing Racism at Wesleyan


Over the past several weeks, students at colleges across the country (including Mizzou, Yale, Ithaca, and Claremont McKenna) have brought attention to the rampant racism, discrimination, and oppression that students of color experience during their time on campuses. It goes without saying that these same systemic issues are present at Wesleyan, and President Michael Roth just sent an all-campus email about administrative efforts to create a more equitable community.

Note: If any student is interested in writing a response to Roth for Wesleying or talking about student activism, racism on campus, or anything else, please don’t hesitate to email us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

Read President Roth’s statement after the jump.

Football Team Loses… in the late 1800s

the football team on November 27, 1885 in New York, before losing to Yale 61-0 (from Wesleyan Special Collections & Archives)

the football team on November 27, 1885 in New York, before losing to Yale 61-0 (from Wesleyan Special Collections & Archives)

Wesleyan isn’t really known for its athletics, despite our sports teams being pretty good. (I think… why–when I know nothing about sports–do I keep doing this?) This year’s scheduling probably isn’t helping matters: homecoming has been conveniently scheduled during fall break. In any case, in honor of tomorrow’s homecoming game against Amherst, wherever you are to experience/ignore it, here’s a look into Wes Football’s (pretty embarrassing) early history, including a spectacular 136-0 loss to Yale and a triumphant 26-0 win… against New Haven High School.

The College Bubble: A Higher Ed Round-Up

Unless you shut yourself off from the world this past week, you probably read, or at least heard mention of, The Atlantic’s feature story on fraternities and their dangers, which highlighted Wesleyan University and Beta Theta Pi. The article explores the role of fraternities on campuses, especially in the crafting of party culture and the rise of sexual assault. The article is long, but well worth the read, and has reopened space for dialogue on these issues.

Breaking: Gunman on Yale Campus, Campus on Lockdown

Wesleying will provide updates as able.

At 10:50AM, a message was sent out to the Yale community placing the campus on lockdown. The following message was sent out:

Text message to the Yale Community, November 25 – 10:50 a.m.
Reports of person with gun on Central Campus. SHELTER IN PLACE until further notice.

The gunman was confirmed to be on campus just after 11AM, with Yale Police, New Haven Police, and State Police on the Yale campus searching for the gunman. Yale Daily News reports that the gunman was confirmed to be on Yale’s Old Campus, and New Haven Independent reports that the university was tipped off by a caller at 9:30AM saying that his roommate was armed and headed to campus to “shoot up the area.” Police stated that the caller had called anonymously through a pay phone, and have yet to identify the caller.

WeSLAM Presents: The BIG Slam

Big Slam

Wesleyan’s slam coach of the year Emily Weitzman ’14 encourages you to come watch some beautiful poetic ass-kicking:

Wesleyan vs. Yale vs. SUNY Oneonta vs. Storm Team!

Bring your friends! Bring your enemies! Bring that random prefrosh wandering around after WesFest!

The 2013 Wesleyan Slam Poetry Team will compete against slam teams from Yale, SUNY Oneonta, and a Storm Team made up of special guests. This competition will give you a taste of the poetry from some of the 60 competing teams at college slam nationals last week.

Also, the Wesleyan Slam Poetry Team will be selling chapbooks to raise money for WeSLAM! These chapbooks are “pay what you want” – your contribution will help us bring dope poets to campus next year!

See you at the slam. The BIG slam. Come ready to get loud and feel things with us.

Date: April 19
Time: 9 PM
Place: CFA Hall
Facebook: Evkeisha Lashmyerberg gon’ kill it!

#SWUGLIFE: Wesleyan Edition

“Welcome, then, to SWUG life: the slow, wine-filled decline of female sexual empowerment as we live out our college glory days. Welcome to the world of the ladies who have given up on boys because they don’t so much empower as frustrate, satisfy as agitate.”


A few days ago New York Magazine ran an article that was sent to me by no less than four friends on the tendency among certain straight female seniors at Yale to abstain from the pressures of Ivy social life, by embracing a lifestyle called SWUG, or “Senior Washed Up Girl”  In the context of sexuality, it has come to connote unabashed resentment of those female underclassmen whom upperclassmen covet, a cynical attitude towards the dating scene, and, often, alcohol-fueled promiscuity. SWUG connotes more generally a “don’t give a fuck” attitude characteristic of seniors who feel worn down from three years of trying so damn hard at Yale — to achieve, to succeed, to win.

The original article, written by self-identifying SWUG Raisa Bruner, appeared in the Yale Daily News and takes readers through a number of different perspectives, student and professional, on this locally viral term. The SWUG phenomenon is now fraught with social connotations that its originators may not have foreseen — it initially suggested a sense of strong female camaraderie. And it seems unique to the “pressure cooker” environment of Yale.

Noah Messing: How Lawyers Write

Alexander P. Ray ’13 asks you to cease and desist whatever you’re doing tomorrow at 4:15 and be summoned to Downey House:

Want to be a lawyer? Sorry to hear that. But you might as well come to this talk.

Noah Messing is Yale Law School’s Lecturer in the Practice of Law and Legal Writing. He has worked as a trial and appellate litigator in Washington, D.C. and as Counsel to Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The talk will explore the process by which lawyers, through their written work, persuade judges. Messing will provide a brief overview of the U.S. court system, after which he will present examples from some of the highest-stakes cases in recent years to illustrate how lawyers deploy law, facts, policy, and history to advocate for their clients. The examples will include cases about gay rights, a major environmental disaster, and YouTube’s (alleged) massive copyright infringement.

Sponsored by Writing at Wesleyan and the Department of Classical Studies.

Wesleyan Team Competes in Water Polo Tournament

From Adam Rashkoff ’13:

Come by the pool this weekend to watch the Wesleyan Water Polo team begin the fall season! Wesleyan competes in the Collegiate Water Polo Association’s New England Division, which includes Yale, Dartmouth, BU, BC, and NESCAC competitor Middlebury. Below is Wesleyan’s playing schedule.

Saturday, Sept. 22
10:00am – Wesleyan v. Middlebury
6:20pm – Wesleyan v. BC

Sunday, Sept. 23
9:00am – Wesleyan v. Dartmouth
1:10pm – Wesleyan v. Yale

For more information about Wesleyan Water Polo, visit the team website!

Date: Saturday, September 22, Sunday, September 23
Time: Saturday: 10 AM, 6:20pm; Sunday: 9am, 1:10pm
Place: The Wesleyan Natatorium (the pool)

Sexy/Non-sexy Sex Education/Degradation at Yale University

If you prowl The Daily Beast every day like I don’t, you may have come across this article, entitled When Sex Isn’t Sexy: My Bizzare Education at Yale. The article was written by a recent Yale graduate, Nathan Harden ’09, who also recently wrote a book in a similar vein (Sex and God at Yale: Porn, Political Correctness, and a Good Education Gone Bad). As some of you may remember, Wesleyan was ranked the #1 Horniest school in the country by The Daily Beast, right ahead of our good friends down the river at Yale. According to most Wes kids, we probably deserved that ranking both academically and socially.

Read on past the jump for a summary of Harden’s (whose surname may or may not be topically ironic) opinions on this burgeoning academic phenomenon of sex in the classroom (pun possibly intended), or more specifically my opinions on his opinions.