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Yale Frat BoiZZ Make Chess Video

Yesterday, a group of unidentified students at Yale University posted this video for a chess.com video contest. Although it definitely does not live up to the wittiness and splendor of Party on Fountain or even Midd Kid, it can provide you with some serious finals week lolz:

“I will smash through your defenses with my tactical tricks
why you playing the French, when this is a blitz, fool?”

Laiya A. ’15 notes that this rhyme is fantastic because “fool rhymes with tricks much better than blitz. Also, the line is placing them in the role of Nazis.  Why are frat boys filming a chess video??!??!” With all the early decision/action drama going on, I am personally extremely thankful I was rejected from Yale EA back in 2008. 

Additional notable quotes:

  • “cause I’m fly like a g6, Accelerated Dragon”
  • “I’m a positional guy, she’s a material girl / and she was sitting next to me, like ‘boy will you teach chess to me?'”

No, I’d really prefer if you didn’t teach “chess” to me.

Tonight: Interest/Planning Meeting for a Direct Action Class!

Happy Monday afternoon, studentfolk. For any of you looking to next semester in a desperate attempt to avoid paying much attention to the current one, you might be interested in the news to follow.

About a week ago, Maxwell Hellmann ’13 and Dan Fischer ‘11.5 sent out an email message asking if students might be interested in a course concerning direct action, activism at large, and the radical social theories associated with both. The idea seemed popular and many students expressed interest, especially in light of all that OccuPie stuff you may have heard about this semester.

At the moment, students are planning on basing much of the course off of a syllabus by the anthropologist and anarchist David Graeber, who taught a graduate seminar in “Direct Action and Radical Social Theory” his final semester at Yale.

To da best of my knowledge, this student forum is likely going to be taught under the official banner of the Anthropology department, though what makes up the bulk of the course is largely to be determined. Want to have a hand in that? Just interested in seeing if this is a course you might want to take? Skeptical that “direct action” even qualifies as action? Check out the meeting tonight – as numerous and wide a range of voices as possible would be appreciated.

Date: Today’s Date
Time: 11 P.M.
Place: UOC (190 High St., twixt Beta and Eclectic)

If you’re interested in a little more background or logistical information, click past the jump.

Occupying Wall Street After Graduation, Or Not

From occupier to occupied, here’s the mostly undiscussed crew of the Occupy movement (not pictured): the college students more interested in occupying Wall Street after graduation—with a job in finance, that is—and the recruiters who each year seek to woo them. A recent New York Times feature piece casts its gaze on the annual ritual of on-campus finance recruiting at top schools as it contends with the wrath of the Occupy movement. (Admittedly, maybe students on this campus are as likely to travel cross-country documenting the Occupy movement as they are to seek jobs on Wall Street after graduation. I know very few Wesleyan students openly seeking to go into finance, but that probably has as much to do with selection bias [and academic departments] as it does Wesleyan.)

At some schools, protestors have redirected their anger towards on-campus Wall Street recruitment efforts as well as the system that fuels it. Our neighbors in New Haven have experienced the tumult:

“I teach financial markets, and it’s a little like teaching R.O.T.C. during the Vietnam War,” said Robert J. Shiller, a professor of economics at Yale University. “You have this sense that something’s amiss.”

Turns out you don’t need have to head to New York to occupy Wall Street when Wall Street is occupying your campus, as it does year after year:

Yale Student dies in tragic lab accident

Michele Dufault (Image from NY Times)

IvyGate reported yesterday that Michele Dufault, a senior at Yale University, was killed in a tragic machine-shop-related incident late Tuesday night.

The blog quoted AP,

Michele Dufault, a senior majoring in astronomy, died Tuesday night “in what appears to have been a terrible accident involving a piece of equipment,” school officials said Wednesday. The school said the accident took place inside a chemistry lab machine shop but didn’t say what the equipment was.

The university told the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration that Dufault was operating the machinery for a senior project when she was killed, according to Kang Yi, an assistant area director for OSHA in Bridgeport, Conn.

Our deepest condolences go out to our friends and neighbors over at Yale and beyond. We will grieve with you, care for you, and stand with you over the loss of this promising life.

For the IvyGate post, go here. For the NY Times coverage, go here.

Yale PD Investigating Annual Naked Party

“Nakie is good. Nakie is free. Nakie is nakie!”

Remember back in the day, when Wesleyan’s now defunct Art House would throw the celebrated, twice-annual Naked Party, which MGMT claimed to have performed at? Remember when the administration casts its disapproving glance and shut down Art House, and when Wesleyan’s famed Naked Party switched venues, to Earth House, and advertised all over the ACB, and P-Safe still bared its teeth and contacted Earth House to cancel? Remember that time the New York Times published a 2007 expose of college naked parties at Yale and Wesleyan and beyond, which cites Wes naked parties as “so well known that student tour guides sometimes mention them”? A then-Junior discussed her experience throwing a naked party in her dorm (“people look each other in the eyes more than you’ve ever seen,” apparently). David Pesci, university spokesperson, expressed the administration’s concern that such parties “create a condition too ripe for sexual harassment.”

No. You probably don’t remember, because most of this took place before you got to Wes, and because Wesleyan’s illustrious history of naked parties has been all but stamped out by Big Evil Administrative Overlords, and because Eclectic didn’t even hold its traditional Sex Party shitshow last semester. If you can’t get naked at Wesleyan, where can you!?

Apparently not at Yale—the other prestigious Connecticut university with a colorful history of naked partying. According to the Yale Daily News, the Yale Police Department is currently investigating events surrounding a February 19 naked party thrown by The Pundits, a “senior prank society” on campus. Several attendees ended up at the hospital; at least one mentioned a possible sexual assault at the party, which about 50 students attended. The added detail that this was part of the society’s “tap” process (read: like pledging), and reportedly entailed forced heavy drinking by the Pundits, probably doesn’t help matters:

Yale Ponders Smoke-Free Campus

More news from neighbor schools, and this isn’t quite as festive: Yale has formed an administrative committee, the “Tobacco Free Yale Workplace,” in order to weigh the pros and cons of making the campus officially smoke-free. The TFYW, which includes students in addition to faculty, staff, and health officials, plans to gauge how prevalent smoking is on campus and how apocalyptic feasible the proposed ban would be.  (Major issue number one: Yale’s campus, like Wesleyan’s, is significantly physically integrated with its city, New Haven; what becomes of smoke-happy New Haven residents who traverse the campus everyday?)

Yale would not, of course, be the first to go all out. “According to the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation,” the Yale Daily News writes, “at least 466 colleges and universities nationwide have entirely smoke-free campuses as of January 2011.” The University of Michigan and Washington University in St. Louis are included on this list. Wesleyan is not. Thankfully, I guess, our prospective students seem to have different smoke-related concerns . . .

Are You Yale?

I get that “we’re all in this together!”-type musicals like Glee and High School Musical are real zeitgeisty right now, but did Yale Admissions really need to go and do this?

Say goodbye to 17 minutes of your life:

And you thought our “Are You Wesleyan?” business was a disaster.

DKE Brothers at Yale, Screaming

Artist Richard Mosse asked a bunch of Yale DKE bros to scream for as long as possible, and made a video of it called “Fraternity.” According to Mosse:

Fraternity was shot at Yale University’s infamous DKE frat house in under an hour. The men were happy to participate in the project in exchange for a keg of beer. They compete against each other to shout or scream the loudest and for the longest time. When they cannot scream any longer they must stop, and cannot begin again.

The effect is mesmerizing. See if you can guess the winner of this primal battle:

Yes, that Delta will never die.

[via IvyGate]

Yale-admitted Quadruplets also considering Wes

yale quadruplets

In the midst of finals last week we missed posting this from last Friday’s NY Times front page: for the first time ever, Yale admitted a full set of quadruplets from its early-admission applicant pool, the high-achieving Crouch siblings of Danbury, Connecticut. Like many multiples, the Crouches are hesitant to follow each other to college, and apparently half of the tetrad is considering Wesleyan.

The “obvious free spirit” Martina, who wears a smudge of bright red makeup under each eye to promote eye contact, is intrigued by Wesleyan and NYU, as is Carol, “the family’s acknowledged social conscience” who wears her hair in an oversize Afro.

Sounds about right! But really, if the four-way foray to Yale is too much to bear for the Crouch women, they are clearly an automatic match here.

NY Times: Boola Boola, Boola Boola – Yale Says Yes, 4 Times

Yale killing “person of interest” lives in Middletown

Um, there’s absolutely no reason to panic about this, but the homicide investigation of Yale grad student Annie Le seems to have taken an actual Wes-related turn.

Missing Yale Student

The Associated Press reports that New Haven police have identified a “person of interest” in the case, a Yale animal research technician who lives in the Wharfside Commons apartment complex in Middletown, right off Main Street between Green and Washington Streets:

An official parked outside the complex, about 20 miles away near Hartford, wouldn’t confirm whether police were there to investigate the Le killing, but public records show the technician lives in a first-floor apartment. A man answering the door Tuesday said the technician wasn’t at home and closed the door.