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Words and Music: The Songs of Cole Porter and Zack Sulsky ’13


Zach Sulsky ’13 wants you to help a bro out (SENIOR THESIS TIME):

I hope you will join me for my senior thesis recital this Saturday at 7pm in Crowell Concert Hall. The program will include a selection of new arrangements of Cole Porter classics, as well as a series of original songs, featuring a talented group of student musicians:

Audrey Kiely ’13 (voice)
Jess Best ’14 (voice)
Sam Friedman ’13 (voice, harmonica, vibraphone)
Donovan Brady ’16 (alto sax)
Julia Chanin ’15 (alto & soprano sax)
John Baierl ’14 (tenor sax)
Adam Jaskol ’13 (tenor and baritone sax)
James Rosenberg ’13 (guitar)
Matt Chilton ’16 (bass)
Greg Shaheen ’13 (drums)

A reception with light refreshments will follow the recital.

Date: Today, March 30th
Time: 7pm
Place: Crowell Concert Hall
Cost: All the frees.