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Wesleyan Thinks Big (and Stuff): A Liveblog

For you cool kids on campus who haven’t heard, Wesleyan Thinks Big, a Ted talk meets a magical bundle of hope and wonder, is happening tonight. If you can’t be at the actual event, fear not. There is a screening in PAC 001 at the same time (8pm) and you can even get the event livestream from the comfort of your own dorm room or first floor Usdan couch.

We, the trusty crazed internet fanatics bloggers of Wesleying, will also be liveblogging away in the chapel.

Read after the jump to hear our commentary on these professors’ commentary. 

Participate in Friendship Survey Study and receive $5!

Dear students,

We (Rodriguez Mosquera Lab in Psychology Department) are looking for students who can participate in our study on friendship. Each participant will be paid $5 for completing a 30-minute survey in Judd Hall. To participate, you and your friend (of the same biological sex) must sign up for the study as a pair, but you don’t need to come to the study together.

If you are interested, please contact (and have your friend also contact) friendstudy2010(friends!)gmail(friends!)com.

Rodriguez Mosquera Lab in Department of Psychology
Research Assistant
Feifei Wu

Date: Now – Nov. 10
Time: Any time is the best time to be friends!
Place: Judd Hall
Cost: $-5

Friendship pays…literally! Kooloolimpah!