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Likely No Printed Yearbook This Year

Due to the high cost of producing the yearbook and the low purchase rate, there will be no yearbook this year.


For more information about why this decision was made, check out this post in the WSA archives by Ben Firke ’12 and Saul Carlin ’09.

Update 10/10 5:05 PM: We’ve been getting a few questions about the yearbook, so I wanted to provide a little more context as to why this decision was made. After a low purchase rate in previous years, the WSA yearbook staff created an amazing and more comprehensive yearbook last year. ¬†They worked very hard to get the word out, but unfortunately the purchase rate was still not high enough to make it a sustainable use of the student body’s money.

A huge sum was spent on the yearbook to benefit only a small portion of the student body who purchased them. As there is always a higher demand for money from the SBC than there is money to give, the WSA concluded after considerable discussion that funding more student group activities, which can benefit the Wesleyan community as a whole, is a more prudent use of this money.

Many WSA members spoke out in support of the yearbook and proposed ways it could be improved, such as putting it online or having the project be managed by other departments who are better equipped to do so. We will continue to pursue these options.

Write for Olla Podrida!

The Yearbook Committee is now looking for writers. Jordan Collins ’09 explains:

You’ll be expected to attend events on campus, interview participants and/or audience members, and write a short article about it. You should be proficient at writing – experience on your high school newspaper or on the Argus would be great. You will be paid per event that you cover. If interested, please send an e-mail to jcollins@wes with your name, class year, and a paragraph explaining why you’re interested in writing for the Yearbook.

Yearbook candids, oh noes!

Hey seniors, in case you are not the type to read your email particularly carefully, the email that went out today about sending in photos for the yearbook included a significant deadline change.

The deadline for submission is now MARCH 8th, which is this Saturday.

The instructions in the email included a password, which I feel like I shouldn’t post, so check your email for the info if you want to submit some photos