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Sensing our Pulsing Speakers: Wesleyan on Daytrotter

For those not in the know: Daytrotter is a music website that specializes in three things that I care about, all really part of the same thing: live sessions with artists 7 days a week, giving away download links for these sessions for free, and really dense, crazy write-ups about these sessions that I should really spend more time looking at. If you’ve got other things to do, though, the titles will do just fine (sample from the links section: “A Confusing World At-Large Deciphered By Wolves And Men”).

Among the acts Daytrotter has lured into the studio (presumably under cinnamon-coated pretenses) are some of Wesleyan’s finest — ever-present The Management and recent visitors Bear Hands are among the many, many recordings.

Breaking Motherfucking News: A tip from sneakergaze while I was finishing up this post:

I’M AT THE — never mind, there’s no way that could end well, unlike this apparently upcoming Das Daytrotter sesh. Looks like I’ll be following up on this soon. OFWGKTA/DR collab?

National Weather Service travel advisory: two metric fucktons of links incoming. Read on for a return to our regularly scheduled programming.

YEASAYER, Postelles, and Movement at Beckham Hall


If you’ve been disappointed with this semester’s music offerings, cheer up because the show of the year has just been announced.  A little bird told me that Yeasayer, the Postelles and Movement will be coming to Beckham Hall on November 12th.

Yeasayer is a band you don’t want to miss.  They have a tight, world music influenced sound (guys — go to Aural Wes for legit write-ups) that you can actually dance to (or sway awkwardly, your call).  I saw them open two years ago for the National and this summer in New York, and it was one of the best shows I’ve seen.  If you don’t trust me, I will paraphrase some of the attendees at this summer’s show: “Dude, this shit was worth the Metro North!”  Yeasayer is loved by hipsters and Long Island bros alike – get pumped.  Also their new tunes are pretty incredible.  Yeasayer will be dropping a new album in a couple months, and going on tour (they’re playing New Haven 2 days later for twice the price).  Wes, get ahead of the buzz.

The Postelles and Movement you may remember from their fantastic show at Eclectic last year.  Tickets for the show will be on sale next week for $8.  More info to come.

Yeasayer myspace
The Postelles myspace
Movement myspace