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from arron’s fb event: “cover photo brought to you by googling “diverse screaming,” because just “screaming” is ~colorblind~”

WOW it’s already happening. Tonight at midnight, when reading period turns to exam period, is the PRIMAL SCREAM on the steps of Olin. Here’s the Facebook event if you’d like that. Shoutout to Arron Luo ’18 for making sure this gets coordinated for the past couple semesters and for keeping this Wes tradition alive.

Place: Olin steps

Primal Scream: Winter 2012 Edition


Dozens of students poured out of Olin and raced across Church Street last night at approximately 11:58 pm to take part in the midnight Primal Scream. The screaming, lasting way longer than I’d originally anticipated, was followed by a rowdy rendition of the Wesleyan Fight Song (awkward moment when the girl in front of me tried to start the fight song and was cut off by a couple of guys singing the fight song louder).

To all of you with finals (and especially you peeps with 7 pm finals tonight), may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Samuel L. Jackson Has Some Yelling to Do

As anyone knows if they’ve seen Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane, Unthinkable, The Spirit, Unbreakable, Jackie Brown, The Avengers, Jungle Fever—even a fucking kids’ movie like The Incredibles—pretty much any movie in which Samuel L. Jackson has ever played a part, with the exception of the terrible miscasting by ol’ George in the Star Wars prequels, Samuel L. Jackson has an affinity for yelling.

Presidential politics is no different. Samuel L. Jackson (who should always be referred to as Samuel L. Jackson, never just Jackson or Samuel and definitely not fucking Sam) recently released an ad stumping for Obama. Some of you familiar with his rendition of the ‘children’s book’ Go the Fuck to Sleep may find some similarities: