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Mac DeMarco, Yeoman’s Omen, and Featherwood Bee @ Eclectic

Calhoun Hickox ’15 has a name that’s almost as dope as Mac DeMarco:

Remember how much fun Aural Wes’ launch party was last month featuring Prince Rama and Wesleyan’s own Bamenda, Guy Fridge ’15, and Crook$hanks? This Thursday we’re back with another Aural Wes curated show in Eclectic, this time featuring cigarette smoking Canadian crooner Mac DeMarco and your pals, Yeoman’s Omen and Featherwood Bee. I am predicting this show will set crowd surfing world records, so get ready to hang loose and ride a giant wave of weird pop for a couple hours.

More information at Aural Wes.

Date: Tonight, October 25
Time: 9:00 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Eclectic
Cost: Free Moneys
Facebook event: “Maybe Attending”

Cinco de BuHo

John Ryan ’14 writes in to keep your eardrums happy this Cinco de Mayo. This Saturday afternoon, Buddhist House is hosting a concert/BBQ backyard bash featuring bands that will certainly make the celebrations celebration-worthy. Not only is this a great way to celebrate Mexico’s victory over the French (even though everyone beats the French), but how better to spend your last weekend before classes end? Festivities begin at around 2:30, and bands are going on as follows:

Buddhist House is hosting an awesome day concert/BBQ right in their very own backyard this Saturday afternoon. Here’s the rundown: A bunch of bands are going to play while everyone celebrates Cinco de Mayo and has a good last weekend before classes end. Festivities are starting at around 2:30 PM.

Date: May 5th
Time: 2-7pm
Place: Backyard of Buddhist House (356 Washington)
Check out: Their facebook page.

Tanlines to Headline Zonker Harris Day 2012

Dashing WestCovian devil child Cal Hickox ’15 writes in about an incomparable WesFest classic that’s here to stay, alternative names be damned. This time around electro-pop duo Tanlines is headlining, set to talk the stage after (and before) sets by a veritable kaleidoscope of prolific WesBands (some of whom performed last year too). The weather’s supposed to be a darling, so let’s hope no one gets on P-Safe’s bad side:

Imagine… a place and a time where the world could come together as one.

Think hard; really try to taste the pure buttercup air; really try to feel all those wind turbines humming with satisfaction; and really, really, really try to see all those effervescent smiles plastered across the faces of a new tomorrow. Nice, isn’t it? Well I’ve got some good freakin’ news… This utopia is not out of reach! This is all it is: A unity based upon trust, love, harmony, innovation, …… and WHAT?!?! …… a man?

Yeoman’s Omen + Featherwood Bee at Earth House

AnonyPerson ’14 says “Awesomefest will be god-awful and way too long (like five hours!),” so go see Yeoman’s Omen and Featherwood Bee at Earth House! What’s going to go down:

Rising stars on the partyrock circuit, Featherwood Bee will pave a righteous path of cop-killing sexy indie surf jams.

Yeoman’s Omen’s first set of the semester (complete with new content!) will roll down that path in a blaze of lo-fi jazz Carnatic punk-funk glory, group prayer to follow.

Place: Earth House
Time: ~
10:15 p.m. – 12:30 a.m.
Facebook Event

Yeoman’s Omen Records First Two Demos

If you haven’t heard Yeoman’s Omen yet, you’re probably not paying attention: the folk-rock/power-pop/whatever quartet is possibly the busiest band in the class of ’14 (Grandfather puts up a fight), and unarguably the most fun. Considering their frosh performance at Battle of the Bands (image above), they may even have a future performing on Foss Hill (and other, equally classy all-ages venues).

Seriously: these guys play the sort of great, loud, sloppy, heartfelt sets sometimes missing from the Wezleyin Moozic Sceane. And they haven’t recorded, until now. Noah Rush ’14 writes in:

Yeoman’s Omen is happy to share with you our first two demos, “Signs” and “Shark-Infested Waters.” The band consists of Gabe Greenberg ’14, Noah Rush ’14, Julian Gal ’14, and Nate Repasz ’14. These recordings were produced in the Usdan basement and a Butt A dormroom thanks to fantastic work by Daniel Sullivan ’13 and feature Julius Bjornson ’14 on the fiddle and Tess Keller ’14 on the voice pipes. Here they are.
PS: Artwork is on your way!

May Day at Long Lane Farm!

Submitted by Rachel Gelman ’12:

Come on down to the farm to celebrate warm weather, flowers, summer, and everything MAY-related with:

  • FREE Healthy Food
  • Farming
  • Crafts
  • Maypole (see above if you’re not sure what this is)
  • Special film screening of “The Greenhorns”
  • …And awesome live music. For a set list, click past the jump.

Yeoman’s Omen/Ovid American @ Earth House

If you thought today’s Spring Fling announcement was exciting, wait till you hear who’s playing at Earth House tonight. From Will Feinstein ’13:

Pretty sweet early show to make your evening pleasant! With Yeoman’s Omen and Ovid American.

Maybe you haven’t seen Yeoman’s Omen yet, but there’s a reason people have been talking about them non-stop since their debut at AwesomeFest and their well-received set at Music House shortly after. These four freshmen present a youthful energy that you can’t help but fall for. Featuring: Noah Rush ’14, Gabriel Greenberg ’14, Nathan Repasz ’14, and Julian Gal ’14.

And Ovid American! Those dudes (and one girl) played AwesomeFest as well, surprising everybody with their tone and intricate lyrics. Be ready to get lost in their hazy narratives and sway to the noisy comfort of their sound.

Free show, real cool. You’ll probs like it.