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Oy Vey! Yiddish Club Now Meeting Weekly!

Jared Gimbel ’11 writes in to share some information with you and your bubbe about Wesleyan’s own fighting Yiddish Club:

Sholem Aleikhem!
Gut Morgn, Gut Yor!

Experience the Old Country at the Wesleyan Yiddish Club! Come learn the songs and the talk of the shtetl and beyond!

We will learn about the Yiddish language, pieces of the language itself, and how to speak it even while you’re speaking English. Confused? Come to the first meeting! Yiddish is a language that will make your heart grow three times in size. Guaranteed. Even if you are not Jewish. And you don’t have to be Jewish to attend! Knowledge of German, Hebrew, and/or Slavic languages will prove helpful.

If you are interested, message Jared at jgimbel(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. If you mention your favorite type of candy, he will buy it and bring it to the meeting.

Date: Jan. 29
Time: 2:30 PM – 4:00 PM
Place: The Bayit
Cost: Free nu?

World’s first Yiddish Opera… with composer speaking!

Jared Gimbel ’11, current President of the Wesleyan Yiddish Club and a Jewish Renaissance Fellow, sends in:

Solomon Epstein of Agawam, MA is bringing a film version of his Opera, “The Dybbuk”, to Wesleyan. It was adapted from a libretto from the St. Petersburg Society for Jewish Folk Music, whose efforts were sundered by the persecutions of Stalin and of Hitler.

Performed first in Israel in 1999, “The Dybbuk” is the world’s FIRST Yiddish Opera, and a grand step to bringing Yiddish and that vanished world from oblivion to the 21st century.

The opera will be screened with its original cast on SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 16, 2008 at 8:00, in PAC 001. Sol will be showing the connection between traditional Jewish folk melodies and his opera in a musical demonstration, in addition to answering questions afterwards.

This is a meaningful historic work, and you should NOT miss it.

When: Sunday, Nov. 16 at 8 pm
Where: PAC 001
Why: awesome Yiddish opera, with the dude who made it there in person!

Yiddish Club!

The first meeting of the Wesleyan Yiddish Club will be this Wednesday night at 10pm at the Bayis (157 Church Street, shares a backyard with WesWings). If you come, Jonah will tell you why he doesn’t call it the Bayit.

Contact: jboyarin(at)wesleyan.edu