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Trinity Yaks on Wesleyan


A common trend on Wesleyan’s YikYak is making fun of our sort-of rival, Trinity College. These usually range from the mild jokes about the academics of the school (“Went swimming, got an oceanography degree from Trinity”) to sports rivalries (that is, when Wes students actually pay attention to sports). This got me thinking — what does Trinity say about us? So, I took a lesson out of the guidebook of Rolling Stone and I did all my reporting via YikYak ‘peeks.’ Below are the results of months of painstaking investigative journalism.

Hormones of Wesleyan Meets Humans of New York


“I realize now that my parents are just regular people with flaws, and my dad is not a villain. He’s just an asshole.”

When Rachel K. ‘17 walked into a crowded Times Square subway station on January 18th, she thought her trip would be the continuation of a decidedly average day. Instead, Rachel met Brandon Stanton, founder of the photoblog Humans of New York. Rachel was soon featured on the page, where her post received over 250,000 likes. Her newfound Facebook celebrity caused such a stir that she was forced to change her name because of all the online attention she was receiving.

Rachel, who is a prominent stand-up comedian on campus (she opened for Chris Gethard last semester) and a member of the sketch comedy group LunchBox, is the creator of a popular mock-HONY page appropriately titled “Hormones of Wesleyan.”

astag_rocky sat down with Rachel for her first official Wesleying interview. Her last name was abbreviated to protect her privacy. 

2014: A Very Wesleying Year In Review


Guys, here’s the deal. We’re all feeling really old again because 2014 is over now, and that’s what happens each time you celebrate another year having come and gone. But before we can settle into 2015, which a previous year tried to warn us about (????), it’s time for your annual Wesleying Year in Review. Frosh writers astag_rockyCaro, and Jackson put together the ten biggest moments on campus (#tbt style), links to relevant Wesleying posts that help you brush up on each of those topics, and lots of fun honorable mentions.

Some really weird, interesting, amazing, magical stuff happens at Wes, and this post serves to remind us to take those memories with us as we go forward. (Looking at you, “New Year, New Me” people.)

Now, a disclaimer: Not everything that happened this year is covered because even with help, frosh only get some of the things right some of the times. Feel free to leave your personal favorite/weirdest/coolest Wesleyan moments in the comment section. Also, note that the events that do get covered are not placed in any particular order of importance or severity.

Read after the jump to see who wore it best.

Yik-Yak Takes Over Campus


As a freshman navigating his first year in college, this fall has become for me a race to assimilate into Wesleyan’s culture as quickly as possible.  For some of us more than others, being at Wesleyan is a sometimes overwhelming culture shock. Speaking to many of my fellow classmates, there was a common thread in the desire—and frustration—to feel completely at home and comfortable in the Wesleyan community.

We want to know: Is there a place to wittily interact with the Wesleyan community and share all the tiny facets of campus life that make Wesleyan such a unique school? A safe haven to express yourself without fear that The Man will take you down? A medium to disparage the administration in a humorous, crude and borderline offensive way? A place that isn’t the WesACB? Tyler Droll and Brooks Buffington, two graduates from Furman University in South Carolina, answered our prayers. Enter Yik Yak.