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Space Nights at the Observatory

From Meredith Hughes:

Do you like space? Want to find out about the latest in astronomy and look through Wesleyan’s telescopes without taking a class? Stop by the observatory on Wednesday night! This semester, observatory nights start off with a short presentation about space by one of our astronomy majors or grad students, followed by observing through the telescopes(weather permitting).

On Feb 11 Jesse Tarnas ’17 will talk about lavatubes in space, and their importance for human space exploration. Even if the weather is cloudy, we’ll show you how to find Comet Lovejoy through binoculars so you can check it out on the next clear night.

Come by any Wednesday at 8pm for open observatory nights. They’re out of this world!

Date: Tonight (but also any Wednesday)
Time: 8PM
Place: Van Vleck Observatory