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Spotlight: Youthless

here they are

Alum Alex Klimovitsky ’03 sends us greetings and info about his band Youthless.

From Muso’s Guide:

“Youthless is Sab and I. I play drums and sing and sometimes I play synth lines with my free hand. Sab sings and plays bass through two amps which he alternates between using a footswitch. We also use a bunch of weird FX boxes and other toys. It’s a bit of a strange set up but somehow, amidst all the confusion, we manage to bang out some rockin’ tunes.”

Alex informs us that the noise/pop duo recently played the Optimus Alive festival alongside TVotR, Prodigy and others. They are friends with Amazing Baby, MGMT, Francis and the Lights, and Greg Rogove. He tells us they would love to come join us with shows in the US (they live in Europe) sometime soon!

Check out a video:

Youthless on Myspace