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LIVEBLOG: Zach is Back! (And Hermes is Teaching!)

Ever since Lily Herman ’16 (aka hermes) announced that she would be teaching a course called “It’s a Mess”: An Academic and Practical Look at Digital Media in the Late 2010s this fall, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the course’s treatment of our very own digital media of the late 2010s (and earlier): Wesleying.org!

Tonight, Zach Schonfeld ’13 (aka Zach) is guest-lecturing for Lily’s class on the topic “The Role of Campus Media,” and in typical Wesleying fashion, we’ll be liveblogging it! Read below the jump for a window into the fun!

Help Us Help You Help Us Learn about the World

Your best excuse for not seeing Kitty Pryde tonight? You’re on a study abroad program! (Right?)

While the Wesleyan campus is busy not auditioning for New Teen Force, muscling each other out of the Danny Brown line, and pairing voyeurism with disorderly conduct, you study abroad kids are out discovering the world beyond our red-and-black-colored Sol Moscots. Buenos Aires is pretty different from Hewitt 9, isn’t it? Pari$ and We$hop are pretty similar, aren’t they?

How should we know? We’re in the Cardinal cave. But you, you have seen things — things that we can’t describe. So save us the hassle: if you’re keeping a blog of your study abroad experiences, and you’d like to up those page view numbers, give us a shout and Wesleying will advertise for you.

I can attest to the Wesleying Effect: my study abroad blog (abrog?) started out at a pokey three hits per week, or whenever I could trick people into opening a link disguised as an album leak. But thanks to Zach, this Wesleying post boosted my page views well into the hundreds, eventually topping out at 4,596 — but who’s counting?

So don’t be shy; email us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org with the link to your blog. Be sure to make the subject header “Study Abroad Blog” so we don’t think it’s spam.

Thanks in advance,

The whole student body and your parents who read Wesleying, by way of tuna


Isn’t wordplay awesome? Yes, you’re right: it is! Anyway, you may have noticed some white stuff out there (it’s brown some places too).  For those of you unfamiliar, it’s snow.  And here’s what students think, as posted to the Wesleyan YouTube page:

Note the WesCeleb at 0:42, who very rightly so points out that the snow is very aesthetically pleasing (if you don’t know who that is, you should).  Judging by my Facebook news feed, not everyone is happy with the snow.  But one thing’s for sure, no one is less happy than the people in the Butts without hot water.  Also, here’s something I found aesthetically pleasing not too long ago: