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Utopian Dreams Materialized: Zapatismo and the Insurrection of Ordinary People, a Lecture by Gustavo Esteva

babyThe long wait is over and Gustavo Esteva, radical Mexican scholar and deprofessionalized intellectual, has finally made his triumphant return to campus after a wildly popular lecture series last year. The man will be in town all week dropping knowledge on indigenous resistance, struggles for autonomy and moving beyond the logic of capitalism. Don’t miss these!

Ross Levin ’15 breaks it down:

Nearly twenty years have passed since the Zapatistas first issued their wake-up call to the ravages of Neoliberal Globalization. That call has since echoed in anti-systemic movements across the world from Seattle to Argentina, from the streets of Athens to Occupy Wall Street. What is the nature of Zapatismo as a political attitude and how can the demand for horizontal democracy be realized not as an appeal to power but an abolition of it?

  • Date: TOMORROW October 7, 2013
  • Time: 5:00pm
  • Place: Russell House
  • Facebook: event

Separate Shit and State: Live with the Zapatistas in Mexico this Summer!

Sometimes, feeling good is all about comparing yourself to the right peer group. I may be dumb, but at least I’m not gonna do something cool this summer, like these losers:

Still looking for something to do this summer?  Look no further.  A diverse group of people, mostly but not entirely Wesleyan students, will be heading to Mexico for a 6 week tour de force of innovative social theory in practice, accompanied by intellectual/activist Gustavo Esteva.  Esteva was inspired to organize the trip after receiving such a wonderful response from Wesleyan during his lecture series here this February.  We will be meeting people effectively creating radical social change, exploring ecological living (including urban agriculture), staying with Mexican families, and time will be reserved for independent study.  We will be hosted by cooperatives, communities participating in ongoing occupations of land, and the Zapatistas, among others.  Knowledge of Spanish is not required – some people already committed to going do not speak Spanish yet – and learning Spanish will in fact be part of the trip.  This is an incredible chance to be students of revolutionary ways of living and constructing society, organized and accompanied by an excellent person to do so (Gustavo Esteva).  Please contact Emily Gershen ’12 at emilygershen(!)gmail(!!)com for more info–AND SOON!  Time is running out to commit to going.

Date: Tomorrow, Summer ’12
Time: Presented in 24-hour cycles
Place: Um. Mexico.
Cost: Inquire for details!