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Photo Evidence: Therapy Dogs Come to Zelnick

Puppies on Fountain, puppies on Vine, puppies on Warren, puppies on Pine. Puppies on Hodgekiss, puppies on Hodgekiss, puppies at the corner of Wyllys and High. Puppies with us and puppies with them, puppies at Zelnick at 4 p.m.

Okay, they weren’t technically all puppies, but the parody doesn’t work so well otherwise. Bringing the best new event to Reading Week since chronic lung damage, Holly Everett ’15 and the rest of Sign and Writing Houses seemed to think student stress levels warranted bringing “6 lovely, cuddly dogs” to campus for pet therapy. The dogs hailed from Tails of Joy,  a nonprofit affiliate group of Intermountain Therapy Animals based in Manchester, Connecticut, and they chilled in Zelnick for two hours on Saturday, greeting gushing Wesleyan students and generally acting like adorable, meticulously trained therapy dogs.  A few images from the historic interspecies mingle appear below.

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Douglas Cannon Comes to Zelnick

Continuing a recent Finals Week tradition of sorts, the Cannon Society sends word of a special cameo in Zelnick this week:

Happy Holidays! We know finals can be a stressful time, but we thought we’d spread a little holiday cheer. Please visit Zelnick sometime before Wednesday for a spirited surprise.

All the best,

The Cannon Society

For some information on the last Cannon sighting on campus, click here.

Wesleyan Farmers’ Market, Zelnick Pavilion Edition!

From Sophie Duncan ’13Queen of the Farmers’ Market

Come on over to the Wesleyan Farmers’ Market on Wednesday and check out our new indoor location! There will be tasty treats for sale, so bring your cold, hard cash.

Guaranteed to make you as happy as this little munchkin.

Date: Wednesday, November 7
Time: 11am-2pm
Place: Zelnick Pavilion
Cost: Bring yo dolla dolla bills, y’all

Photos: Peter Yarrow Singalong in Zelnick

Yesterday, legendary folk singer and political activist Peter Yarrow, along with professor and celebrated folk performer Dar Williams ’89, led a happening singalong in the Zelnick Pavilion.After a discussion with William’s “Music Movements in a Capital Democracy” class Yarrow and a group of about 60 students and guests headed to Zelnick for an afternoon of activist-themed songs.  Lyric sheets were passed around, and the singing began with the classic “This Little Light of Mine.”   Next came “Eyes on the Prize” and “Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Round.” Between selections, Yarrow shared stories of protesting in the 1960s and facing arrest for rallying against apartheid before everyone joined hands and sang “We Shall Overcome.”

Other songs included “If I Had a Hammer” and a beautiful finale of “Blowin’ in the Wind” (which wasn’t included in the lyric booklet, but people seemed to know all the words anyway).  Everyone in the room left with a big smile, if not tears of joy and inspiration.  

Photos and a couple of short videos are included after the jump. 

Right Now: Folk Icon Peter Yarrow On Campus, Will Lead Singalong in Zelnick

No, he didn’t sing “Puff the Magic Dragon.”

It looks like those seats finally filled up for “Music Movements in a Capital Democracy,” the CSPL course being taught by acclaimed folk singer Dar Williams ’89 this semester, and unsurprisingly, it has its perks—namely, more famous folk singers. Ben Doernberg ’13 has been excitedly tweeting at us that folk icon and political activist Peter Yarrow (that’s the “Peter” in Peter, Paul & Mary) visited the class today and led a singalong of “This Little Light of Mine.” Here’s a Soundcloud clip of the singalong:

But there’s more: tweeting frantically from class like the social media journalist madman that he is, Doernberg adds that there’s a community singalong with Yarrow at 3:30 pm (that’s in half an hour) today in the Zelnick Pavilion:

Douglas Cannon Spotted in Zelnick

According to Wesleyan’s Facebook page, the famed  Douglas Cannon made a surprise appearance on campus earlier this afternoon. Thirty-one years after being baked into Wesleyan’s sesquicentennial birthday cake in 1981—and about 18 months after this Douglas Cannon holiday card—the 140-pound, 29-inch long instrument sat on display in Zelnick Pavilion for a few quiet hours. According to Tim O’Brien of University Relations:

The note came to Dean Mike Whaley during the Senior Gift Lunch. The note indicated that it would be on display in Zelnick Pavilion until 3pm today.

For history, see Wikipedia or “A Short History of the Trials, Travels, and Travails of the Douglas Cannon.”

“Bus”: A Senior Photography Exhibition

Nam Anh Ta ’12 sends in word about “Bus,”  his senior photography project:

This one is not in Zilkha “the gallery” but Zelnick “the glass thingy.” Known among the staff as the “bus stop” for its shape before it was given Mr. Zelnick’s name, the Pavilion is hoped to be an appropriate venue for the show.

Initially inspired by the disconnectivity of the suburban Connecticut, the exhibition seeks to explore the life around the forgotten form of public transportation in the American’s suburb. With that as a mirror of where I have been through, I used that to look back at Hanoi, in Vietnam where I am from.

P.S.: Some of the pictures are taken with an Apple iPhone, tell me which ones.

Date: April 9 – April 14
Place: Zelnick Pavilion

Impact’s Valentine’s Day Bazaar TOMORROW!

Lizzie “Elizabeth” Williams ’13 jumps into the room and yells:

Join Impact and World Micro-Market at Zelnick Pavilion this Friday to check out our products from NGOs and Free Trade Organizations around the world. Everything is inexpensive, chic, and goes to a good cause! Buy something for your partner or friend, or treat yourself!

SHOFCO and Brighter Dawns will also be in attendance, selling items from Kenya and Bangladesh respectively, along with some other Valentine’s Day goodies.

Products range from 5-25$, and there will be homemade cookies, fudge, and cupcakes for sale!  Make sure to BRING CASH!

Date: Friday,February 10th
Time: 11am – 6pm
Where: Zelnick Pavilion

For more information, check out the Facebook event.