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Vote for WesAGE

From Sheri Reichelson ’16:

WesAGE (the elderly social group) has been selected as a FINALIST for November 2014 Students with Drive program that awards ZipCar credit to college community service groups.

We are competing against three other groups for the chance to win $5000 in Zip Car credit to help transport our volunteers to elderly living facilities.

Voting for the finalists starts TODAY and ends November 11th at midnight. Please vote on the Students with Drive Facebook page.

Help support our Wesleyan students groups by voting– each Facebook user is allotted one vote for the competition! PLEASE tell your friends and family both at Wesleyan and at home! Tell your professors and coworkers!

Thank you all!
Sheri, Matt, Rachel, and Gabe– The WesAGE Coordinators

Date: November 4-11
Time: Anytime
Place: On Facebook

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Getting There from Here

Today’s installment is mostly a repost, detailing ways for you to get around the Connecticut and New England area. Or home, or to get waffle fries at 4 in the morning, or wherever. If you have a car already, you may want to ignore this entirely. If you don’t, then you might want to take our advice and become friends with someone who does.

As any current Wes student will tell you, one area in which Middletown is seriously lacking is its ability to help you get out of Middletown. The closest train station is in Meriden, though your best bet for getting out of town is to go to Union Station in New Haven or Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks (near Hartford). Getting there, though, is quite the challenge, which is why we at Wesleying, with help from our friends at the Peer Advisor Blog, have attempted to compile a list of the car-less ways to get to Connecticut’s two main transportation hubs.

Shout-out in the comments with additions and corrections.

UPDATE: Toyota Prius Zipcar Back in Service

EDIT: (Formerly titled Toyota Prius Zipcar Out of Service)

The Toyota Prius Zipcar is back in service and should be returned to the Zipcar lot very soon. We were asked to take the car off the road because it was believed to be a part of the Toyota recall. We have just been informed that it has not been recalled and is fully functional and safe.

If you had signed up to use the car and were unable to do so because of this notice, please call Zipcar’s Member Services at 866-4ZIPCAR. I’ve been informed that if you explain the situation, you should be able to work out a refund. If for some reason this turns out not to be the case, please contact the WSA at wsa@wesleyan.edu and we will find a solution.

[And thanks to the alum who corrected me on brake! Apparently my mind is on a beach somewhere…]

The WSA and Public Safety have recently learned that our Toyota Priusis is part of the Toyota recall. Due to potential brake safety issues, we cannot have this car on the road until it is repaired.

We are currently in the process of identifying those individuals who have rented the car over the next few days and will be in touch personally. These individuals should make alternative plans unless otherwise notified. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

Becky Weiss ’10
WSA Vice-President