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Dean Culliton Admits He Knows 4/20 Is a Thing

This afternoon, students received an email from Dean of Students Rick Culliton, with the mysterious, somewhat ominous subject line “Weekend events.”

Authority figures seem to have a block on admitting they know the kids they’re in charge of take drugs for fun. Maybe they think it’s their fault or something. Dean Culliton decides to characterize the annual smoke storm on Foss as a protest, which I guess is sort of flattering, but decides he can’t bring himself to mention the name of Zonker Harris without protective quotation marks.

He then reminds us that drugs are still against the rules, and we’ll be in big trouble if we take them, so maybe we should think about that. He refrains from reminding us to eat fruits and vegetables and make sure we get enough sleep, but my mom already called me today and she has that part covered:

Zonker Harris Day


From Westco president Angus  Macdonald ’16 and the rest of the WestCozians:

Here comes Saturday! A day for fun, a day to celebrate all things magical.  A day filled with music and art and friends, yes, yes campus once again it is ZONKER HARRIS DAY.

Fun and Good Cheer! Fun and Good Cheer!

Here’s a preview video on the acts. More details after the jump.

Tanlines Bring “Real Life” to Zonka; Bouncin’ Ensues

HTML overlord Tobias Butler ’13 sends in video evidence of synth-pop duo Tanlines’ compulsively danceable ’80s nostalgia-fest in the WestCo Courtyard yesterday afternoon. The Brooklyn-based outfit took the stage after sets by tried-‘n-true Wes bands Lyon’s Den (read: not Lioness), North Paw, Yeoman’s Omen, Treasure Island, Spring Fling openers Peace Museum, and Grand Father. The clip depicts a whole lotta bouncin’ happening to the beat of Tanlines’ minor hit “Real Life,” which appears on the group’s just released debut LP Mixed Emotions. High five to the weather, too—there’s something to be said for the first sunny, uninterrupted Zonker Harris day since when I was a prefrosh.

Be sure to check out 2:03, when the whole front section of the crowd jumps in unison, and don’t miss A-Batte’s freakish arm choreography at approximately 00:45. Scroll on for a few more images from Tanlines’ and Grand Father’s spirited sets at Zonker Harris Day 2012.

[nggallery id=127]


What name do a nineteenth-century novela twentieth-century geographical formation, and a twenty-first century band share? Yeah, it’s time for a a shout-out to BEJEWELED ARCHIPELAGO!?!!… wait, shit, I mean Treasure Island.

To clear up all the confusion/misplaced hate out there, Treasure Island is Faith Harding ’14, Dema Paxton-Fofang ’13, Jason Katzenstein ’13, and Tobias Butler ’13.

The band, memorialized amidst all the ACB vitriol with the parenthetical “havent played in a while but good” are back on the live scene with a gig at tonight’s Battle of the Bands at Eclectic, where they will be playing alongside The AppledaughtersGrand CousinLyons DenPeace Museum, and Static Stamina.

In case you’re trying to catch them in the daylight, they’ll also be on Saturday afternoon in the WestCo courtyard for Zonker Harris Day with North Paw, Yeoman’s Omen, Grand Cousin, Featherwood Bee, and Tan Lines.

And for the really anti-social among us, they’ve also got their new single “College” available for download. Scoop it here.

Tanlines to Headline Zonker Harris Day 2012

Dashing WestCovian devil child Cal Hickox ’15 writes in about an incomparable WesFest classic that’s here to stay, alternative names be damned. This time around electro-pop duo Tanlines is headlining, set to talk the stage after (and before) sets by a veritable kaleidoscope of prolific WesBands (some of whom performed last year too). The weather’s supposed to be a darling, so let’s hope no one gets on P-Safe’s bad side:

Imagine… a place and a time where the world could come together as one.

Think hard; really try to taste the pure buttercup air; really try to feel all those wind turbines humming with satisfaction; and really, really, really try to see all those effervescent smiles plastered across the faces of a new tomorrow. Nice, isn’t it? Well I’ve got some good freakin’ news… This utopia is not out of reach! This is all it is: A unity based upon trust, love, harmony, innovation, …… and WHAT?!?! …… a man?


Before P-Safe actually shut down the first Zonker Harris Day to be called Zonker Harris Day in forever, shitty weather tried to shut it down. Sound familiar?

WestCo faithfuls (and assorted prefrosh) prevailed, and enjoyed enthused sets by Treasure Island, Miami Heat, Almonds & Elephants, The Band [cover band], and—finally—Oberhofer. Below, some photos from the day, plus two of Twin Sister’s make up set at Eclectic and a few lower-res zombies attackin’ the hill. Put away your campaign posters and listen yrself some Oberhofer right here! Sorry for the delay. Images courtesy of Rachel Pincus ’13, except the ones by me.

Holler @ Last.fm if you was there!

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Public Safety Shuts Down Zonker Harris Day

Around 6:20 pm tonight, a Public Safety officer shut down Zonker Harris Day before Twin Sister even got to play. The band had already set up all of their equipment, and had even started sound check, when the officer declared the event over, as it had gone past the reported ending time of 6:00 pm. When the officer, the students, and Twin Sister failed to reach any sort of compromise, the officer called his supervisor, who asserted again that the event was over. The students in charge of the event proposed moving it inside, to either the WestCo Cafe or the WestCo Lounge, but the officer was adamant that the event was terminated, and that it could not simply be moved to another location. He declared that if the band were to begin playing in the WestCo Cafe, Public Safety would shut it down immediately.

There will be more details added to this post as news arises.

Update 8:00: Twin Sister will actually be performing at Eclectic’s CHANA party tonight, opening the evening at 10 pm. Tickets are $3. Be there.

[8:00 edit: image and update by Zach]

Zonker Harris Set Times


Come to the courtyard students and prefrosh alike to celebrate music, the outdoors, and our favorite tanning enthusiast! There will be live music from noon until 6 pm, there will be facepainting and a tie dye station, and we’ll have various things for sale, including t-shirts, sunglasses, Mahmoun’s, Coldstone’s, and various other baked goods. All proceeds from today go straight to Green Street.


12:45-1:15 Treasure Island
1:30-2 Almonds and Elephants
2:15-2:45 Miami Heat
3-3:45 The Band
4-4:40 Oberhofer
  • Place: WestCo Courtyard

Ishmael at the Music House

The second annual post-Zonker Harris Day Ishmael feet stomp will be going down this Saturday, April 16 at the Music House.  Bring your prefrosh to be corrupted!  New songs and liver poisoning synthesizers will be debuted.  And it’s free!

  • Date: Saturday, April 16
  • Time: 10:00 PM – 1:00 AM
  • Place: Music House
  • Cost: Free