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Zonker Harris Day 2016

zonker harris dayJulian Johnson ’19 writes in:

Zonker Harris Day is a springtime music and arts festival sponsored by the West College dormitory of Wesleyan University. The theme of Zonker Harris Day is PLEASE CLAP.

Booby Trap      12-12:15
Dan Beets       12:20-12:30
Slouch  12:30-12:50
Sneaky Sugars   12:50-1:10
Heimi Vilhelm   1:15-1:25
Rhys    1:25-1:45
Rui Barbosa     1:50-2:10
Palm Pilot      2:10-3:00
Don Froot       3:00-3:20
SassyBlack      3:20-4:10
Sensitive Inner Thoughts        4:10-5
The Murdertones    5-5:20
Nice Driveway   5:25-5:45
Locus   5:45-close

Mamoun’s Falafel Cart and The Whey Station will be parked on Pine Street outside of Exley for the duration of the event. We are going to be selling organic t-shirts sponsored by the Wesleyan Green Fund and the SBC (design to be posted). These t-shirts can be tie-dyed in the courtyard from 1-2 p.m.

Date: Saturday, April 16
Time: 12-6 PM
Place: WestCo Courtyard

Dean Culliton Admits He Knows 4/20 Is a Thing

This afternoon, students received an email from Dean of Students Rick Culliton, with the mysterious, somewhat ominous subject line “Weekend events.”

Authority figures seem to have a block on admitting they know the kids they’re in charge of take drugs for fun. Maybe they think it’s their fault or something. Dean Culliton decides to characterize the annual smoke storm on Foss as a protest, which I guess is sort of flattering, but decides he can’t bring himself to mention the name of Zonker Harris without protective quotation marks.

He then reminds us that drugs are still against the rules, and we’ll be in big trouble if we take them, so maybe we should think about that. He refrains from reminding us to eat fruits and vegetables and make sure we get enough sleep, but my mom already called me today and she has that part covered:

Zonker Harris Day


From Westco president Angus  Macdonald ’16 and the rest of the WestCozians:

Here comes Saturday! A day for fun, a day to celebrate all things magical.  A day filled with music and art and friends, yes, yes campus once again it is ZONKER HARRIS DAY.

Fun and Good Cheer! Fun and Good Cheer!

Here’s a preview video on the acts. More details after the jump.

The Bea’les on WestCo Skybridge

It’s been a great couple of days in the WestCo courtyard. After an amazingly fun, happy Zonker Harris Day, the Bea’les (Matt Hurwit ’12Jordan Lewis ’13, John Ryan ’14Sam Long ’12, Howe Pearson ’12, and Abaye Steinmetz-Silber ’12) played on the WestCo skybridge for an energetic crowd in the courtyard below. They played about an hour long set of Beatles classics and crowd favorites; lots of dancing ensued.

I’m really glad the skybridge is being utilized as a music space this year.  

[nggallery id=128]


What name do a nineteenth-century novela twentieth-century geographical formation, and a twenty-first century band share? Yeah, it’s time for a a shout-out to BEJEWELED ARCHIPELAGO!?!!… wait, shit, I mean Treasure Island.

To clear up all the confusion/misplaced hate out there, Treasure Island is Faith Harding ’14, Dema Paxton-Fofang ’13, Jason Katzenstein ’13, and Tobias Butler ’13.

The band, memorialized amidst all the ACB vitriol with the parenthetical “havent played in a while but good” are back on the live scene with a gig at tonight’s Battle of the Bands at Eclectic, where they will be playing alongside The AppledaughtersGrand CousinLyons DenPeace Museum, and Static Stamina.

In case you’re trying to catch them in the daylight, they’ll also be on Saturday afternoon in the WestCo courtyard for Zonker Harris Day with North Paw, Yeoman’s Omen, Grand Cousin, Featherwood Bee, and Tan Lines.

And for the really anti-social among us, they’ve also got their new single “College” available for download. Scoop it here.

Doonesbury Update: The Plot Thickens

This may be my personal favorite thus far.

As Zonker gets filled in on the debate, will he intervene? Will he take action? Will he address this horrible oppression and injustice that has occurred unbeknown-st to him until this point? ALL THIS AND MORE WILL BE REVEALED IN THE NEXT ISSUE (Dun Dun DUH)…

Check out the user comments on these strips from GoComics.com to get your third-party perspective on the whole deal.

This Is Getting COMICALLY* Blown Outta Proportion


In day three of Doonesbury’s Zonker Harris Day story line, Trudeau teasingly refers to the controversy over the name change, bringing Michael Roth (you know, that guy from the Wesleying banner) into the mix.

Looks like Garry (freaking) Trudeau has established his position in the debate.


*I could have resisted but I didn’t.

PS. An editors note on the Doonesbury website clarified the Wesleyan College vs. Wesleyan University thing stating:

Wesleyan is indeed a university, but it also has a college — whose undergraduates are the ones responsible for celebrating Zonker Harris Day.

Well done Trudeau, you’ve subtly stroked our liberal arts egos while implying that your choice of words was intentional.

Well done indeed.